To continue on the post from last week about doing nothing… Doing nothing meant taking no action to try to “fix” something, or avoid it, but rather just getting honest with yourself about “what is.”  We talked about Joe, who was subconsciously trying to prove his coworker wrong, above getting the project done.  After we get clear about “what is,” next we want to accept it “as is.”  Let’s look at Joe’s situation…

2.  Accept it “as is.”

Before Joe truly has choice to create something new, he must accept what is.  If he got honest with himself about his real agenda, he  may immediately deflect any further thought about the idea because he does not want to admit he was behaving that way.  He might then try to compensate by stepping back and letting the other coworker take over completely, which will also likely lead to a less than optimal solution.  He is resisting the truth, and still operating from a right/wrong standpoint so his ability to collaborate is limited.  The moment he accepts what his true commitment has been, he is free to choose something else.  The moment we accept something in life as it is, an amazing freedom opens up to us.  If we insist that life “shouldn’t” be this way, we are fighting life and inviting struggle. If Joe can recognize and accept that he’d been subconsciously trying to be right rather than find the right solution, and accept that his human nature had him do that, he can then let that go, with nothing to prove, and create an amazing new solution with his coworker.

  • Where in your life could you benefit from a “Do Nothing” strategy?
  • What are you pretending not to know about “what is?”
  • What would it take to accept your thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions, even yourself, “as is?”
  • What would become possible if you no longer used your energy to resist what is?
  • What would you do with that newly available energy?

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