When you committed to becoming an entrepreneur, you committed to something very scary, or exciting, depending on how you choose to look at it.

You committed to waking up every single morning and dealing with none other than… you!

Being in business for yourself is the world’s best personal development seminar. Especially if you are committed to being an Aligned Entrepreneur! You want to grow and really make an impact in the world, and that has to start with your world!

Some of the best advice I’ve been giving lately is this – LOVE THE GAME.

Relax into it. The process IS the result.

And you signed up for it – you might as well enjoy it!

See, if it occurs to you that it is a breakdown every time you don’t get the exact result you want, or you bump into that feeling that it is HARD, you’ll exhaust yourself, and you’ll quit.

The Truth is, when it is HARD, it simply means you are resisting something new that is trying to come into your awareness. Something needs to shift. But you can’t go trying to force a shift, you’ve got to relax into it and let it unfold.

Again, you’ve got to love the game.

Your ability to continue to move forward with action after action while being open to new awareness that is seeking your attention – that is the key to loving the game.

What if you said to the Universe, “It’s interesting that this is hard right now, I wonder what is going to show up right around the corner from this struggle?”

Get curious. Action. Feedback. Repeat.

Today I share an excerpt from The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz:

“Something important to understand is that you can be whatever you want to be because you are the artist and your life is your creation. why not direct it with awareness?

Now that you are an artist with awareness, you can see if you like your art, and you can practice making it better. Practice makes the master. But it’s action that makes the difference. When I discovered this, my action was to take responsibility for my art and purify my program. As an artist I started exploring the possibilities – every action and every reaction. And by the way, this is our real nature: to explore. Explore what? Life! What else can we explore?

To change the story of your life is what Toltec called the mastery of transformation. It’s about transforming you, the storyteller, the dreamer. Life is changing so fast, and you can see that you are always transforming, but you master transformation when you no longer resist change. Instead, you take advantage of change, and you enjoy change. To master transformation is to live in the present moment, all the time.”

To master transforming your business to the profitable success you desire, to master the difference you make.

You’ve got to know why you are doing it (your mission), and then…


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