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Today’s guest, Kate Wolf, is on a mission to help a million change makers discover their “wild voice”.

Her background in theatre, communication, and business sets her up to be a leading voice for her sisterhood. She warns those who want their life to stay exactly the same that they need not apply!

Kate is the founder of Wild Voices and the Beacons Sisterhood, is on a mission to unleash the voices of a million changemakers. Kate works with playful pioneers and aspiring philanthropists; women with entrepreneurial spirit who want to combine their work in the world with giving to the causes they love.  She brings years of experience as an intuitive energy healer, reiki master, yoga and meditation teacher and creativity expert to clear blocks to healthy self-expression and support clients to speak their truth. With a vast understanding of effective communication from work in the theatre and Creative Education – directing, writing, performing and teaching – Kate transforms bland brands into businesses that beam with personality and stories that connect – from both the page and the stage. She has been called fun, playful, wise beyond her years, honest, fiercely loving and dangerously insightful. Which means – those who want their life to stay exactly the same, need not apply. If you know your work is about more than just making money – if it’s about starting a movement, lighting a way for a new world, taking a stand for something bigger than yourself – AND you want to make more money so you can give more back – Kate Wolf will support you to own your magic, free your voice and shine your quirky light – so that those who need you, find you.

You have to face what’s currently there otherwise, it’s just another mask, it’s just another variety of “pretending”.

In our discussion, Kate shares what your wild voice is, why it’s so important, and how to tell when you’re hearing from it. She talks about how she found her wild voice, and what had to change in her life once she did.

We also dig into:

  • Dealing with low-vibration as leaders.
  • How her retreats have changed since she started understanding her wild voice.
  • Why a retreat is such a great place to transform.
  • How to tell the difference between your wild voice and your “logical” voice.
  • Why a place of truth is the only place we can change.
  • How to set up a Truth Retreat.

Kate leads us through an exercise to get us out of our head and turned into our wild voice. This is perfect if you’ve been experiencing blocks or fears. I had an impactful experience during it, and the process only takes a few minutes!

She also shares how to find her Wild Voice Survival Guide — which is a must-have for all retreat leaders. Be sure to head over to her website and grab that, as well as information on any of her upcoming events.

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