OK, confession time…

I generally consider myself someone who truly walks the talk.  I do.  There is nothing I challenge my clients on that I haven’t done and seen work miracles.  That is what Life & Adventures in the Sweet Spot is all about.

Today, well, let me explain.

I want to write about how important it is to be CLEAR about what your priorities are, and make sure you do them first.  Have you all heard of the concept of the “Big Rocks” – if you don’t put the big rocks in your container first, it will get filled up by all the little sand and there will be no room for them.

Well the same is true for the activities that land within your “Sweet Spot” versus those on the periphery.  Let me give you a very relevant example.

Today my morning was “free” and my afternoon is booked with calls.  My “big rock” priority today is to do some self care.  I have been working hard and I know that needs to be my priority today.  I checked the yoga schedules around town this morning and found 9:15 class and a 10:30 class.  Either one of those would have been perfect.  I didn’t immediately choose one – I’ll see what I get done first.  And I dive into checking emails.

It’s 9:10 – Oh, can I make it class on time?  Probably not, still in my PJs.  Maybe I’ll go late.  No, there’s another option.  I’ll get dressed at least.

Now it’s 10:20 – this class is further away.

And here I am choosing to write a blog post (a medium sized rock!) and my nice relaxing yoga plans are no more.  Sure I can do a yoga video, or walk my dog (which I will do once this is published), there is always a new solution.  But here is the point:

When we choose to put ourselves and our goals, visions, and priorities on the backburner, in favor what we “should” do (like a regular blog post) or other people’s expectations of us (like a respond to emails promptly), there is a ripple effect in the impact. I have had to re-think my plan and calculate the time available multiple times today (and it’s not even noon!).  I don’t generally beat myself up, but I did expend energy resisting the temptation to do so.  And I haven’t cared for my physical self in the way I desire, so I lose physical energy as well.  I could become resentful of the other things that took my time, when they originally were all things that I love to do.  I might not be fully present to what I am doing.  I might begin to feel as if life is happening to me rather than me creating my life – I invite victim energy.

Not making yoga class may seem like a very small thing, and it is, but it was my big rock for today.  When we allow ourselves to dismiss our big rocks in favor of a fire or a whim, we energetically become someone who doesn’t honor our word — to ourself.  As who we are being anywhere is who we are being everywhere, this can quickly seep into other areas of our life – relationships, business, etc.

So I ask you, what system can you put in place to do the “big rocks” first?  How can you make your priorities your priority?

By the way, if you respond to this question, I won’t see it – I’ll be walking the talk… walking my dog.

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