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In this episode of the Retreat and Grow Rich podcast, I’m giving you a sneak peek into a new series that will be part of the podcast in season two, which begins in January.


The Transforming Out Loud series has an important mission: to normalize transformation on the planet one intimate retreat at a time.

Transformation is a permanent shift in a behavior or a pattern or really the energy from which we show up.

In This Episode, I Talk About:

  • How transformational shifts in one area can cause a ripple effect through other aspects of our lives
  • Why it’s so important for retreat leaders to be willing to transform out loud
  • The value of seeing “negative” experiences in our lives as an invitation for growth
  • Shifting the consciousness of the planet by transforming out loud without shame or judgment
  • The one feature of retreats that is critical to empowering people to transform out loud

Stay tuned through the end of this episode, where I give you a challenge to help you start transforming out loud!

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