I heard a story on NPR yesterday that turned my stomach a little bit… it was about society in Eastern China now that the “1 Child” rule has been in effect for some time. They talked about how each family’s hope for financial success and status now rests entirely on the shoulder’s of that one child. They all go to “weekend school” in an effort to get ahead. There are essentially zero fun-based activities for kids – their entire job in life to is to get smart and get ahead of the neighbor.

I could write paragraphs in reaction to this story as I frequently spend time with my coaching clients “undoing” the expectations they felt growing up so they can make a clear decision about what they really love – to step into their “sweet spot.” What do you think this generation of Chinese children will bring to their society as they enter the workforce? What will this do their emotional well-being and productivity, as well is their physical health? How will they parent their children, and so on?


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