I just finished writing a note to my newsletter subscribers.  I feel as if this note truly represents me and my adventures in the sweet spot, so I thought I’d share it here as well.

I share it with this information.  Even though I have a business that is thriving, with amazing clients and a full schedule, I still get a little nervous when I send something like this.  (Not NEARLY as nervous as I was when I pushed send on my first newsletter.  Those of you who blog know the transformation that happens when you choose to start sharing yourself with the world…)

But when I take a stand about something important to me, that I care about, I STILL get that little twinge in my stomach – “What if people don’t like me?” “What if I say the wrong thing?”  And, that is generally a signal that I need to do it or say it.  Nothing in this world was ever changed, no difference ever made, without a little bit of friction, and without someone, somewhere, judging that movement.

Do you write from your heart in your business?  Do you feel the fear and do it anyway?  I’ve gotten so used to feeling the fear and doing it anyway that I sometimes forget to acknowledge the fear… I don’t really notice it so much anymore… but  I thought I’d disclose it to you here.  I am human.  I clicked send on the following email, which is only slightly out of the ordinary for me, but I feel so strongly and passionately that there are people waiting for me to pull them out of their sleepwalk that I had to send it.  And I clicked send, and the twinge hit my stomach right on cue.

In many ways sending the email below is just another day in my world… I write and send emails all the time.  But my intention is that it is NOT just another day in the world of the people I am here to serve.  Those who need this message will surge into action.  And that makes it feel big, huge, exciting, exhilharating, and frightening.  You see, it’s just an email.  But it is also my whole life.  The magnitude and the impact are all in my own perception, and my perception creates everything.  We create something from nothing every time we step through the fear.

So here we go… here is what’s been on my mind this Sunday morning….


Dear %$First Name$%,

Those who know me know I don’t generally get angry.
I can get passionate, for sure, but not very angry.
I know each one of us is on our own path in life,
and it is perfectly designed for us in some way, so
there’s not much to anger about.

But I also know that we can shift our path by simply shifting
our level of awareness, and I get a little angry when I see people
promote ideas that keep others at the same level of awareness –
a struggling, “if, only” mindset.  It hurts.  It’s why I had to leave
corporate marketing.  Yet some entrepreneurs want to keep
people believing in a fallacy that says, “If I just do X, Y and Z,
then I can relax and make mo*ney while I sleep.”

And that day never comes for most people.

See, if someone struggled before, all the new information
in the world won’t change the struggle.  If someone was
surrounded by people who disappointed them before,
creating an e-book and an information product will be
another disappointment.

Unless they change their awareness.

Congratulations to those who have registered for
Tuesday’s fr*ee call where I address the 6 reasons
we work harder than we have to in business (and still
fall short).

I am reviewing the content this morning, and I am
truly excited about this conversation!
I also wanted to
make sure that you know I am not going to give you a
bunch of tactics and stuff to do to make mo*ney while
you sleep. This is a different kind of conversation than

We’ll talk about the real, foundational-level, reasons you
are working too hard, in a business that “should” be your
labor of love, and your ticket to freedom.  You can make
make money overnight, sure… I woke up this morning to
see new workshop tickets sold.  But you might have to reset
your foundation.

We’ll be talking about things like “the problem you are
uniquely positioned to perceive in the world,” about your
own renewable resource, and a particular fallacy that gets
my clients (and even me sometimes!) on the hamster wheel.

Haven’t registered yet?
The posted details are below.  (or right here)

The call is titled “You Work (too) Hard for the Money.”
Again, I am not going to tell you that running a business isn’t
work.  You can’t just write, “I want $1 Million” on a post-it
and watch for it show up.  You have to work.
(I am truly
writing you this email, personally, on a Sunday… I am working.)

But it doesn’t have to be as hard as many people make it.
When you’re in your own personal “sweet spot” you are in
that flow and things happen with ease (the person you
sit next to on the plane becomes your high-ticket client).
And they happen without that constant inner struggle we
like to create for ourselves as human beings.

This email to you on a Sunday is truly a labor of love.
No frustration, no resentment, and no place else I’d rather
be… I’ve designed my Sunday morning for exactly this,
because it matters to me.

What if every action in your business, or your life, were from
that place?

It matters to me…

Because I am with many business owners at an events and
meetings.  Many are in this flow.  Many more, however,
have learned every technique possible to create information
products, and, “make money while you sleep.”  But they are
not aware of these 6 things I’m going to share, and they are
frustrated that the techniques weren’t working.

Techniques and tactics that work for one person don’t work
for everyone!
You must look at these 6 things first.

I don’t like to sound pushy, but it pains me to see people
following advice without the right foundation.

This call is 0% “advice” and 100% insight.  If you listen for it,
you will hear something that will shift your perspective,
permanently.  For $0, and no sales pitch.

I will love to “see” you there!
Coach Darla

Details below, or click here to read and register!

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