Getting “It All” Done

By Kathy Davis


Do you ever think about all of the words that describe who you are? Business owner? Mom? Creator? Founder? Wife? Partner? Writer? Artist? Dancer? Daughter? Friend? The list can be pretty extensive – and if you stop to really think about it, a teeny bit overwhelming.

A few weeks ago, I presented at a seminar. I had planned a juicy topic involving using the law of attraction to create your ideal life. I opened my sessions with a variation of “what are you hoping to learn today?” Surprisingly, the women asked me how I was able to juggle it all, and accomplish so many things.

This was a definite reminder for me that they way we perceive ourselves is not always how other people perceive us!

Are you curious about what I shared?WhonPhoto_Kathy-Davis_Tools-of-the-Trade3

    1. Know what is important to you. For me, my family is my top priority – being able to interact in a quality way, being able to financially support our household, and taking care of my health to improve my chances of being around for the long haul. This is my big “why,” and the pieces and parts that everything else I do ties back to – from morning workouts, to goals in my business.

  1. Don’t Multitask. This may seem like bad advice. How else can you get everything done? But here’s the thing: when you are doing something that really matters, be all there. For me, any kind of writing – an article, a blog – I turn off the ringer on my phone. I shut down my email. I close Facebook. In doing those simple things, I can usually knock out 500 words – or more – in less than 30 minutes. Part of not multitasking can be using something called “block scheduling.” In other words, set time on your calendar when you will make all of your client calls. Have another block where you will go to networking events. Have a block for administrative tasks. Manage your tasks and your time so you are focusing on the same type of task all at once, which will help you finish more things in a concentrated amount of time.
  2. Manage your energy. This is about honoring yourself – who you naturally are. If your concentration is at a peak first thing in the morning, then plan your tasks involving concentration then. But if your concentration time is later in the day, or even late at night, don’t force yourself to write every morning. Honor your natural rhythm. The same is true for tasks that involve less concentration, and perhaps even more sociability. Plan your networking, coffee meetings, phone calls, and social media time for when you are naturally more open. Managing your energy is also about taking care of yourself well – sleeping, eating nutritious foods, getting some movement in every day, whether it’s a walk, yoga or an intense sweat session. Managing your energy is about taking time out as well – a massage, a pedicure, a night out.

I probably use 100 different specific tips, tricks, programs and systems each and every day – and I am learning more ideas every day. Join me in my latest program: Productivity Meets Priorities: A Blueprint and let’s work together on turning your goals into your achievements.

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