Often the people I work with, those who see themselves as responsible and proactive, also pride themselves on having “good judgment.”  This is also a quality that society overall says is a positive one to have.  Yet I say you are much better off to “Have Poor Judgment.”

judgment (noun) – (1) an opinion formed by judging something.  (2) the act of judging or assessing a person, situation, or event.  (3) the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and draw sound conclusions.

In this Key, when I speak of judgment I am referring to the first two definitions above, not the third which refers to discernment.  Discernment, when it is filtered through your intuitive mind, is highly beneficial.  Judgment, as in forming opinions and assessing yourself, others, or life, is never beneficial.

“When you judge another, judge God.” – Bruce D. Schneider

Any time we judge our self or another, we become separate from God, the Universe, creation, spirit, community, or however you choose to think about the force that connects us.  When we judge, we cut ourselves off from love and acceptance, and the flow that exists when we are in harmony with our Truth.  When we judge we give energy to thoughts that can never lead to positive emotions, inspired actions, or a sense of joy and peace.  Therefore, we are giving our energy to something that we do not want, that is not worthy of us.  Again, we are giving away our power, and we are trapped rather than free.  Kurt Wright states in his book Breaking the Rules, “if we judge the fact of where we are to be “not okay,” we are stuck.”  Similarly, if we judge the people around us to be “not okay,” we are stuck.  There is no freedom in judgment.

But our brains seem to be hard-wired to judge.  We judge good and bad, right and wrong, better and worse, automatically without even noticing it.  It is another means we have developed to survive in life.  What do we do?  Stay tuned…

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