Align It Live LogoHave you ever noticed that when someone has an interesting life, and they are interested in what they are doing, they are wildly interesting? Even captivating?

Well, what if I told you that you are every bit as Captivating as those you admire? The core of who you are is downright phenomenal, and there is an audience out there who CAN’T WAIT to know you and pay you… more than you’ve let yourself receive before.

It’s Truth.

And if you’re not experiencing that on a daily basis… it’s OK, there’s nothing wrong with you! But you may have gotten out of alignment with the heart of your business. You’re not allowing yourself to see how captivating you are in your naturalness, and designing your business around that.

And that’s great news! Because, look at all you’ve accomplished already. Imagine what will happen when you put one more piece into alignment.

And I’ve got just the place for you to do that.

My Align It Live 2015 is all about aligning your business with your Truth so you can make more money being you. This year’s theme is “make your business captivate,” and I think you’ll love it. (And I’ve got early bird tickets for you!)

I love creating a space for you to see a bigger possibility for yourself while making grounded decisions. No magic pills, and no shoulds. You’ll have unbelievable access to the next level of business growth that’s available to you, personally. Because chances are you’re actually blocking the next level because you are not fully connected to how darn CAPTIVATING you are, and you’ve settled for a less than CAPTIVATING business!

Here’s a glimpse at the 3 Core Dynamics will be covered at Align It Live… when these three things work, your HEART ALIGNMENT is undeniable!


  • Connect with and understand the true source of any result, which is the only way to know your best next move.
  • Connect with your ideal client through the unique brand and messaging that resonates deeply with you and with them. Build a tribe and community.
  • Connect with ideal JV partners for the next step of your journey, and plan your next step.
  • Connect with the Truth of your spiritual role on the planet and own it.
  • Connect with the big vision that will captivate you and your people in 2015!


  • Align your decisions with Truth – we’ll hone your decision-making skills with proven strategies that will stop the spinning in your head.
  • Align your business model with the money and lifestyle that bring out the best leader/ teacher/ coach/ visionary in you.
  • Align your pricing and raise your rates.
  • Align your marketing strategies to fit with how you’re designed to operate.
  • Align the energy you carry with the result you MOST want to create.


  • Profit through powerful 1-to-1 and 1-to-many selling strategies, and conquering outdated money beliefs.
  • Profit through systems and structures that can run without you running them.
  • Profit because you understand when and how to use automated systems to connect with clients, and when and how to show up personally.
  • Profit in the short term without sacrificing the groundwork needed for your long term goal.
  • Retreat and Grow Rich™. Darla will also share her personal model for adding 6-figures per year with small retreats.

Align It Live is an experience, and you will walk away with a new level of clarity, purpose, and a commitment to the quality of life you actually went into business for in the first place! A life that captivates your attention, and makes you immensely interesting and valuable to the clients who pay you!


Join me March 12-14 at the beautiful Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. Here is your link to register at the Early Bird price, going soon!


P.S. There will be some awesome surprises happening at Align It Live – it’s always an experience you won’t want to miss!

P.P.S. If you have any questions at all about Align It Live, please post them to my Facebook page at:

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