woman-thinkingOn my recent road trip I came across an article that was recommended by Genevieve Behrend at the end of her book “Your Invisible Power. It caught my attention as a simple tool to share with you for how to remember who you are and what you want, without having to remember it all the time.

This is especially important around the holidays, because we are very likely to put ourselves into situations in which people don’t know who you are what you want. Sometimes because they are busy worrying about their own stuff, and sometimes because you simply haven’t told them.

The article was by Christopher Westra (I Create Reality: How to use holographic creation to manifest your desires), who uses the term “holographic creation,” and I learned it in coaching school as “holographic thinking.” His article was a case for this approach over mere visualization to help manifest your desires. Visualization requires a constant thinking of or looking at your picture, whereas the holographic approach gets the image into your subconscious so it can work for you (my interpretation). This article will switch between Westra’s words (and you can google his article and he even has an opt-in box), and my own interpretation.

The premise of Westra’s article is that it is based in the fact that there is no such thing as time. Time is an illusion that we bring in to help us feel safe and comfortable as we control the degree of goodness that comes to us. All that we desire will come to us immediately when we are willing to let go of any resistance to having that thing. Generally we will have to sacrifice something of a lower nature in order to allow in the things we most desire, yet we get attached to the lower nature things so we resist.

In other words, we like the attention we get when we play the victim card, it’s what worked growing up, and we have no idea what we will create when we let it go. Or we enjoy the ego trip of being able to rescue someone from their problems, and we resist letting them make their own decisions. (These are all patterns you may witness over the holidays!)

Holographic thinking, or creation, can help us to locate our multi-dimensional motivation for shifting into higher order results, without regard to time.

Here are a few of the differences between holographic creation and plain ole visualization.

Present vs. Future

When we visualize we often thinking about what it will be like someday when we have the thing. Just by the nature of picturing it in the future we are putting time in between us and our goal. Rather than saying “I will have a beautiful house in the mountains,” try “I love my beautiful house in the mountains.” When you declare things as if they are already so, all of the cells of your being go to work on lining up for that Truth. If it feels like a someday idea, there is no need for our being to be ready to have the thing. We can keep waiting for the time in which we have to actually step up and be bigger.

Multi-Dimensional vs. Two-Dimensional

As we visualize the future you want, we will often see it in two dimensions. I for one create a vision board each year, and it consists of flat pictures glued to a flat poster board. This process alone does not always create the change. But if you get yourself present to the different dimension of what that visual images would mean to you in your life, that becomes an experience you can’t un-experience. So what does that mean?

Let’s say you cut out an image of a beautiful house. You don’t just say, I want a beautiful house, but you take time to picture all of what that makes available for you. Perhaps you want a huge kitchen for entertaining. You get present to how it will be for you when you have people over to dinner – the connections that will be made, the feeling of warmth and community, the endless possibilities for financial abundance that could come from the conversations had over dinner.

Or perhaps it’s a vacation house, and you have a vision of your extended family coming to stay with you in your vacation house, and you being able to treat them to an experience they may not otherwise be able to create. Feel all of the dimensions of that being true for you. As you know yourself as that person, how might that affect how you show up at the holiday dinner table this year? Whether the house has shown up yet or not, you can BE that person.

Permanent vs. Short-Lived

This is my favorite idea about holographic thinking. When you get a clear, multi-dimensional picture of what you are creating, next you start behaving as if that picture is true. That is what makes the picture permanent rather than a fleeting idea. I call these “Big Ass Committed Decisions.” Sometimes small decisions cement the future as well, and yet often we are called to make decisions that feel use that are in alignment with our future vision.

In other words, if you declare that you want to be a $200,000 business in 2014, and you continue to not hire the level of support that you will need as a $200,000 business, you have not created anything. You are in someday maybe land. As a guideline, whatever dollar amount you have declared as your revenue goal in 2014, consider immediately contracting 20% of that goal in support (coaching, VA, design, sponsorship opportunities, etc.) Even if this feels like a large amount for where you are right now, if you’re not actually committed to spending that, it is very revealing as to how committed you actually are to making the revenue you say you want.

I hired a VA for the exact amount I was making in revenue at the beginning, leaving me with nothing but the freed up time to create more revenue. I hired a coach who cost monthly twice what I was earning, and just by the fact that I made that decision my cells started lining up with the future revenue I was committed to earning.

Emotional Power Makes You Remember

When we think about all of the different dimensions that are becoming real within our thoughts, if we’re in the right ballpark it will be an emotional experience. Getting present to your desire stirs an emotion that doesn’t fade even when the exact image gets fuzzy. I often coach clients by asking them, “and who will you be BEING when that is true?” or “what way of BEING does that decision make available for you?” When you get present to a new way of being for yourself, you don’t have to remember all of the details of what to create. You just BE that person and watch what shows up next. (This is much of the focus of my Inner Alignment Intensive and we see miracles happen before people even leave the room!)

A way of being could be “a leader” or “influencer,” or perhaps “powerful,” “vulnerable,” “curious,” or “of service.” Some of my other favorites are “playful,” “fun,” “light,” and “spacious.” As we focus in on our way of being, the emotional connection to those ways take over, and our decisions become easy and obvious as a result, and we open the spiritual gateways for all good things to come to us.

Welcoming and Expectation vs. Needing and Doubt

Being in an energetic or emotional state that is fresh and new opens the spiritual gateways. Keeping them open is where a lot of people fall down. We create a vision for what we want and then become so attached to that vision that we feel as if it’s a problem if we don’t make it happen. That’s where become needy for the thing to happen. And we shut down the flow.

When you are committed you can stay in an energetic state of welcoming the thing without any attachment to how or when it comes, or any doubt that it is indeed on its way.

I remember reading in Raymond Holliwell’s Working With the Law about the idea of expectation. He talks about being like a cat who is perched outside a hole waiting for a mouse. He sits with full attention on his goal in complete expectation that the mouse will show himself. He never for a moment doubts his mission. That is expectation.

Most of us create a vision and then start immediately generating back-up plans in case the original doesn’t work out. I remember when I read this wondering whether I would ever truly be the person who could focus that type of concentration on the goal. This is why all of the other points above are so important.

We must clear our life of anything other than that which is consistent with what we want, knowing without a doubt that it is coming. Being like the cat is tough when distractions abound. But when you clean up both your energetic and physical life so that all things are consistent with your holographic creation, welcoming it is certain.

Even if it comes in a different form to than expected, the Universe will deliver on your desire.

Holographic Creation and Marketing Plans

How our mindset and vision affects our marketing is a constant study for me. I try lots of things so I can get lots of results to share with my clients. Often the breakdown happens when we try to move from our vision to a marketing calendar that exists in time. Because remember the whole premise of holographic creation is that we take time out of the equation. Yet our whole society functions on time (as evidenced by the plethora of “Black Friday” emails we all likely received!)

I won’t say I have it all figured out because I am certain that there are places I’m also resisting having all good things come to me in the timing the Universe would have me have them. I’m cool with that, I’m a conduit for learning for you. That said, here’s an example.

An Example

I have an event happening in March (27-29). I needed to book that in time so that you would know when to show up. I have visualized the people in the room. How many and which ones. I am clear why I am having the event, and the general intention for what will happen there. I know how I want the event to catapult my business, and how I intend to serve people as a result of expanding my reach.

I know how I want it to affect my life, and who I am being in the world, and the ripple effect influence I see my decisions having. I’ve created a sequence of marketing activities centered around free and paid content to release between now and then, while keeping my vision trained on the big picture. I am clear that exactly how the results to those activities unfolds is perfect for creating the big picture result. I won’t get hung up on the details. All of the steps along the way are simply information about HOW I am meant to manifest the big picture in the world. I am in complete expectation that my action will create an opportunity for the Universe to take me where it wants me to go. The rest is details.

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