So you want to host a retreat in Costa Rica?

Maybe you’re planning a retreat in Bali, or some other destination you’ve wanted to visit forever.

But before you start, what do you need to know about this inner calling… and is it all tropical beaches and poolside “aha” moments? Here’s what anyone who’s thinking of hosting a destination retreat needs to know.

Hosting a retreat in Costa Rica is totally possible.

First off, congratulations! Before we dive into the nuances of this work, I want to salute you, brave business owner, for starting out on your journey.

Feeling the pull to lead a group of people in transformation is something that has changed my life forever. It’s allowed me to travel internationally, to have life-changing experiences in the company of some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and to build a team that are committed and as excited about the transformational work as I am.

Hosting small retreats has given me the lifestyle I want and more than that, it’s allowed me to bring change to hundreds of people’s lives.

I’m so excited you’re on this journey. And today I want to explore what this inner calling means for you. Beyond the breathtaking experiences and life changing realizations, what does the calling to host retreats mean for you and your business?

Allow yourself to dream big

Think about what hosting a retreat in Costa Rica, or wherever it is you want to be, would really feel like.

Imagine the warm tropical air, the rich smells of lush undergrowth, the noises of the plants and animals around you. The place you’re being called to travel is connecting with you for a reason; perhaps there’s an energy there that’s perfect for the retreat you’re hosting.

I’ve spent time in Italy, all over Latin America, Vietnam, ZImbabwe, and other amazing places around the globe – and each of those places called me for a reason. I’ve hosted retreats in my home city, and in places I know and love already, and they transformed when I bring the energy of a retreat to them.

We’re so often told to curb our dreams, to be “realistic”, and that mindset is one that stops too many talented business owners in their tracks. So as a first step, I encourage you to really connect to what you’re being given. To lift the barriers that tell you “that’s not possible” and find out what’s truly waiting to be born.

Now, think beyond the retreat

The retreat itself is a snapshot in time; a living, breathing thing. I teach all the retreat leaders I prepare that while we can plan what might happen, we can’t control what exactly will unfold when we’ve started the process of preparing for it. Once we’ve opened up to the possibility, we must learn to surrender and go with the flow.

What we can do is connect to the flow of energy around the retreat. That starts by picturing where the retreat fits into the flow of your business as a whole.

Because we can be very focused on the revenue that a single retreat will bring, or on creating an unforgettable experience, we can sometimes forget to situate it in a bigger picture. The truth is, high end experiences in exotic locations come at a price; it’s unlikely that exotic transformational retreats alone will sustain the business you want, especially from the start.

So, if your dream is to host a retreat in Costa Rica, start with that moment, and zoom out. Where does that moment fit into your year, and the flow of time for your clients before and after the retreat? How does it feed you and your business after it has happened?

The flow into your retreat

This all might sound a little woo-woo at first, so let’s dig into what that looks like. Start with the flow into your retreat; the participants who will co-create the experience, and who will invest in the experience you’re creating.

How will you find the people who will come on your retreat?

Where are they now?

Where will you be able to start the conversations that will open them up to what’s possible?

Think about where you’re currently at with your business; the team you have around you, and the conversations you’re already a part of. Marketing doesn’t necessarily mean running Facebook ads or firing off emails. More often, it’s about picking up the phone, reaching out to your network, and getting crystal clear on the value you offer. (For more on how to plan a retreat, click here to read the inside scoop on everything you need to prepare…)

What happens afterwards?

I’ve attended retreat experiences which were unforgettable – but if I’m honest, I haven’t always put what I learned into practice. Maybe you can relate?

It’s one thing to learn a new skill, or to experience a different way of being in a beautiful place surrounded by supportive, like-minded people.

Integrating what we learn into our daily life is another story. Once that container has finished, it’s so easy to return to our old habits.

I teach my retreat participants to envision where they will lead people. It’s naïve to think we can solve everyone’s problems in a weekend (especially when your goal is to empower them to make lasting change).

What’s true is that your retreat will open up a new set of challenges: and it’s your choice how you frame them, and what you offer to participants who are ready to dive deeper into how your work can grow as they do.

As a retreat leader, part of your job is to anticipate the new learning that will come out of your retreat.

What’s the next stage of the journey for your clients?

How can you provide a container that will support them through that?

If your participants have experienced the value of the transformation they bring they’ll be excited to find out what comes next. You can support them to integrate their learning and making transformation that will last on an ongoing basis.

Find out more about hosting a retreat in Costa Rica – or anywhere you want to go!

The Retreat and Grow Rich Business System is a visual guide to the different stages of making retreats part of a sustainable business. It looks at your business as a whole ecosystem and asks how you can nurture it and allow it to flourish, again and again. It’s this model which has allowed me to grow my business and I’ve watched it change my clients’ lives too, because it considers your retreat as part of an endless flow; a cycle of change and growth.

You can download your copy of the Retreat and Grow Rich Business System HERE.

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