Three years ago, almost exactly, I came to Denver to visit and scope it out as a place to live.  Many entrepreneurs I encounter have a dream of being location independent or living in a dream home.


In April 2011 I rented a house on (Vacation Rental By Owner – which I love!) and lived in Denver for one month.  I ran my business from this house I rented – if any of you found me through the “Rewire Your Wealth” telesummit I hosted, that was created in that house.  It was cozy and beautiful in a trendy little neighborhood in Denver.


Two years ago, almost exactly (April 2012), I returned.  I put most of my things in storage in Denver, and packed what I needed in my car and again rented a house on  Same neighborhood, beautifully re-done, and close to everything I’d come to love.  I spent a month there while scoping out a ‘real’ home.


Having been an entrepreneur for a few years and still growing, I chose not to let the bank tell me where to live, and I rented a home rather than buying… in my same neighborhood, it was a very expansive space in which to grow my business.


After settling in, I put the home I owned in Cincinnati on the market, and sold it from a distance in less than a month, in a ‘bad economy,’ and even made a little money on it.


At the time of selling, I had quite a few clients who were selling houses and moving.  I coached them on getting specific about exactly how they wanted the process to go – who would buy their house, what they would love about it, where, specifically, they were going next, etc.  And they sold.


I also had two friends who were selling homes who had them on the market for ages.  After I went to their homes for a visit, they both got offers out of the blue.

I began to joke about my good house karma. Then I began to claim it.


Forty-five days ago, before my big Align It Live event, and after my livestream from which I almost bailed (see today’s TOOLS section), my landlord called me to tell me he was moving back to Denver, and I had 60-days to find a place to live. (He is very kind and flexible).


With all energy going toward Align It Live, there was no time MOVE!  Really?


But in Truth I’d been thinking about moving and owning a home again for some time, and when we don’t act on our desires the Universe will often help us along.


We looked at rental homes for a couple weeks and found them either lacking, or snatched up quickly.  We switched our mindset to buying.


Now, to be honest, I’ve avoided banks since being in business. They don’t understand our entrepreneurial ways, so I’ve just chosen to make the money I needed on my own.  It was time to subject myself to their ‘approval’ to buy a house.


But here’s the thing, when you make a DECISION, the Universe conspires to support your plans.  Once I aligned my energy toward this goal, everything began to flow.  I chose to look ONLY at the opportunity involved in buying a house, including playing the game of getting financing, etc.  I decided how much time I would dedicate to the search, and the few big requirements I had.


We found the house – it’s reminiscent of my favorite homes in Denver, the ones from which I got my start here.  And it will eventually become a vacation rental, where I can provide other Denver visitors the amazing experience I had in exploring this beautiful state.  (I’ve secretly dreamed of owning vacation rentals for three years now!)


And everything about the process – including an in person trip to the IRS to hurry things along – went beyond smoothly.  In less than the month I located and purchased a property, WHILE PUTTING THE BULK OF MY ATTENTION ON MY BUSINESS.


This post is a bit more personal story than my usual ezine lesson.  But this is life in Alignment and I wanted to share.  When you focus your energy in your business, there are tons of personal benefits as well.  Tasks expand to fill the space allotted.  When you are so clear on what’s important to you, stuff simply happens.


And there are a few pertinent lessons I’ll pull out.


  • If you’re thinking about moving, get on it, or the Universe will help you along when it’s not necessarily convenient! 🙂 
  • Test out your desired cities or neighborhoods via
  • When you make a clear decision about what you want and operate as if it will happen exactly as planned, it generally does.  Even in a bad economy.  Have no doubt that the Universe will align with your will.
  • Work with good people.  I would have NEVER have been able to accomplish all I have in the last month without amazing support.  I don’t just mean cheerleaders, or nice people.  I mean ALIGNED folks who are experts at what they do, have great energetic boundaries, and have a powerful presence all of their own.  I am grateful I didn’t cheap out on anyone or anything, and then took their good advice at every step.
    • My event team and all of their recommended vendors
    • My realtor and mortgage broker
    • My team at Aligned Entrepreneurs
    • My support at home


When you follow the principles of alignment, you can stay grounded no matter what is happening.  You KNOW that life is always unfolding perfectly and divine forces will come to your aid.  There is not a damn thing to worry about.


I am so excited to make our new house a home.  And I’m excited that the situation lined up for me to purchase my first in my collection of vacation rentals around the world.  A whole new door has opened up for me in this process.  How can you start to dance with what life hands you?

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