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What does it mean to truly deliver transformation?

When I was first starting out in my business, I knew I was passionate about transformation. But I heard time and time again, “You can’t sell mindset,” and “Give them what they want,”

Guess what? That old-fashioned advice isn’t true! Transformation is real, powerful, and deliverable.  

In this episode, I’ll share part of my journey, where I learned first hand what transformation is. I’ll also cover what transformation is not (like temporary)

If you want to learn how to market a transformational outcome and feel confident that you can actually deliver it, this is the episode for you. A quick heads up, you’ll want to have a pen handy for when I dive into the Anatomy of Transformation.

There first stage of transformation is commitment. Now, that word can feel heavy or it can feel really exciting. But, the first stage is we have to be committed to making a change.

What We Talked About

06:35 | Transformation is not just good advice, because that advice won’t land if the person isn’t ready to hear it.
05:45 | Law of Attraction, mantras, or affirmations can’t work until you’ve made a shift to your subconscious mind.
18:30 | There are 3 stages in the Anatomy of a Transformation, and the first stage is always commitment — financial or otherwise.
36:35 | You can learn to tune into where a group or individual is in the transformational journey (which is key for retreat leaders!)

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