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Today’s guest, Lisa Berkovitz, has recognized that her life’s purpose is to bridge the gap between business and spiritual worlds.

As a master level coach, she has worked with some of the most creative and powerful voices alike to align their souls with their businesses.

Lisa Berkovitz has bridged the business and spiritual worlds for over 15 years, as an M.B.A., high-level project manager for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, master-level NLP practitioner, Reiki master, and master-level coach to executives and entrepreneurs. She has extensive experience drawing out the Life’s Work of some of the world’s most visionary, passionate and accomplished change-makers, helping them shape it into a tangible, practical form so it can make its intended impact in the world, and do so with less effort, more flow, and in deepest alignment with who they are and why they’re on the planet.

During our discussion, Lisa shares her journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. She recounts how her soul always knew what she was supposed to be doing, even when she wasn’t turned into its energy yet.

I have a certain way I feel as a person, that feeling comes from the soul. You have a certain energy that I feel from you.  So, when I say “soul’s frequency”, I mean, “what’s the energy you came here to be when you’re really being yourself?”

We Also Cover:

  • When she realized there were two voices in business.
  • How she connects with those who haven’t bought into the whole “soul” thing yet.
  • What is most heartening to her in business today.
  • How frequency helps fill retreats.
  • What peeling back the layers of conditioning looks like.
  • Building your vibrational muscle.

Lisa also leads us through a simple, yet powerful method to refocus and recenter. It allows you to call all your scattered energy back to yourself and tune into your soul’s frequency. This is a great exercise to go through when you’re feeling blocked, stuck, or anxious.

Lisa created an Access Your Souls Wisdom meditation for all listeners, and you can download it free on her website.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to hear Lisa’s answers to the rapid-fire “Align with This” session!

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