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Today’s guest, Renee Li, left her 6-figure business to follow her God bread crumbs and divine blueprint. Now, she teaches other entrepreneurs how to connect with their soul clients and manifest the business of their dreams.

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Renee Li is a bestselling author, speaker, business coach and serial entrepreneur for over ten years. Mastering many fears, she walked away from a six-figure business to follow the ‘God breadcrumbs’ and stepped into her spiritual business with both feet. That’s when she aligned with her divine blueprint and found her deeper soul’s purpose. Her mission today is to align the new generation of spiritual teachers, healers, and coaches with their full potential and purpose so they can show up in the world as the powerful Spiritual leader they truly are.

Renee’s signature Soul Purpose Success Formula offers a holistic approach to business building where the right energetic foundation is key to attracting higher income and having a greater impact in the world. She guides her clients to get clear about their soul’s core message, become confident selling higher priced services, and increase their visibility to attract Soul Clients.

Here I am praying “dear God, I’m so ready send me my client, I am ready to serve and be your hands on this earth”, at the same time I’m going “no” to the Universe, I don’t know how this will affect my family dynamic.  So here’s the asking and here’s the blocking. And so this one millimeter of doubt became what I call “The Fear Shield”.

In our discussion, we dig into understanding the evolutionary process, connecting with our angels, and sending clear signals to the right clients.

We also cover:

  • How to remove yourself from a situation and see the big picture.
  • What you need to do to attract your soul clients.
  • The difference between a wrong client and a soul client.
  • Following your God bread crumbs.
  • How your soul client will view your prices.
  • What common fear shields everyone faces.
  • The concept of duality.

Plus, Renee leads us through a Hard Link Meditation where you connect directly with your angels and soul clients. After this powerful exercise, don’t forget to head over to the Facebook page and let us know when your soul clients have found you!

This episode is a must-listen if you’re ready to start working with clients you feel connected and aligned to. Renee’s special gift is her Soul Purpose Success Formula reference guide. This guide will lead you through a 6 part formula and empower you to start following your own God bread crumbs. 

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