I was recently asked this question, and I have about 100 answers to it.  Create new commitments that are more powerful than the old ones your ego created.  Get people in your life who see you for who you really are and where you’re going.  Don’t “take a break” from your growth.  (Do take a break to rejuvenate your soul, however).  Treat yourself as the version of yourself in your dreams, now.  Refuse to honor thoughts in the energy of fear & scarcity.  Choose to focus on gratitude, etc.

However, there was a different thought that came to mind this week, based on the themes of conversation I’d been having.

Get yourself a visible symbol of who you really are.

Here you’ll find mine that are responsible for me launching my business.

The “Glo Worm” (Who remembers these?  My sister had one that made her cry!) reminded me that I had been safe in a cocoon that was warm and comfortable for many years (a.k.a. my ego-driven life), and that I was now committed to the adventure of breaking out, at any cost.  (I was hoping there would be no cost, but I was willing to risk failure).

The poker chip I earned at coaching school (I love iPEC Coaching!) in a game we played in which the final 3 contenders were asked to go to the front of the room and give a speech about why they were a coach.  I won by audience vote.  It was as if every event in my life had led up to that moment in which I got to declare that THIS… THIS is who I am.  (Moved to tears to remember that moment.  Thank you Chicago 16).  That was the flow right there.

Keeping these things front in center in my space (I carried the poker chip for the final months I was in a J-O-B) reminded me of my truth as I took those first scary steps into entrepreneurship.

So, how do you stay in the flow?  What is your version of a visible symbol to remind you of your Truth?  Is it a souvenir from an important event?  A gift from an encouraging friend?  A note from a coach or a coworker, or a grateful client?  If you don’t have it, find it, create it, create an opportunity for it show up, or ask for it.  (I suggested my client to ask someone who had given her a deep compliment to put it in writing for her… can you be that bold?)

I invite you to share your symbol that inspires you below!

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