Creatives Wanted I’m celebrating my birthday! Did you know that you were BORN with all kinds of talents that are absolutely designed for you to make YOUR SPECIFIC kind of impact on the planet!? You were. And, if every single person were to actually identify and use his or hers talents, the world would be a whole different place.

“We all win when you follow your truth”

I used this as a tagline once on a program I developed and it really hit home for people. The biggest issue I’ve seen is that most people don’t understand or know how to identify their truth, or their gifts, because they weren’t taught how. Now, this may seem super basic but we have to come back to the basic truths which are the most important to understand.

You have a genius that can’t be replicated and when you know how to identify and follow it (and in the case of the entrepreneur, market it) you will know freedom.

There’s a lot of talk in the news about gun control right now. It’s been said (and I agree) that we don’t have a gun problem, we have a people problem. People don’t know how great they are. They can’t see that their uniqueness makes them important and they aren’t taught how to own it. Without this the world can be a very depressing place.

What does this have to do with you?

Well, have you ever felt as if your talents weren’t the ones that are truly valued on the planet? Have you ever doubted what you felt or knew to be true deep down because it seemed like those around you really didn’t get it?

I know exactly what that’s like. For my years in corporate I felt that way. I would intuitively know what the right direction was for a project or where a market was going, but then I had to set out to ‘prove’ what I knew to my management, and I STRUGGLED! There was no place for intuition as a data point on a power point slide. In fact I remember years later that I received a message from a former coworker long after I’d left Procter & Gamble saying, “they finally got it and they are doing the project you recommended!”

And here’s a truth.

In this world of online marketing there are SO MANY things that you “should” know and do that I also struggle with. Yes, there, I said it. I hate tracking my data (and I’m an engineer), I hate documenting procedures and I hate so many of the things that are such popular conversation topics in the world of the masculine online marketer. And I have to tell you…admitting that to you is soooo freeing! (I was never consciously keeping it from you…I’m just sure I never noticed before how important that is to tell you!)

I LOVE to get in front of the room and teach. I LOVE to make a difference for someone in the moment that will make all the difference. I LOVE to share my heart with you, and my intuitive knowing of the market and trends and what people need. I LOVE coaching. I LOVE storytelling and creativity and nature.

When I started my business I really believed that to follow what I loved, I had to give up money. I did.

I made my life as small as possible so I could go after my dreams.

But that belief was a lie. Perpetuated by the people who hire us into corporate jobs and make us feel as if the security of that job should be our #1 value. And it is damn untrue.

Your “Birthday” talents, the ones that were given to you at birth, like your keen intuition, your big heart filled with love, your ability to connect with people and make them feel safe, your creative way of interpreting and presenting ideas, these are all SUPER VALUABLE and can make a big difference…AND make you great money. I know it 100% because I’ve done it.

And I’ve done it through systematizing my beliefs, knowledge and energy into a set of offerings. At the cornerstone of which are small retreats. I’d love to share specifically what I’ve done with you. If you haven’t already listened in, my WEBINAR replay is up for the rest of my birthday week here:

This walks you through my specific 7-step system for how what you already know can make you great money.

  • The Clarity Effect
  • Connect + Invite
  • Your Signature Retreat
  • Your High Level COS
  • Share With List
  • Your Low Level COS
  • The Integration Invitation (this is juicy!)

You’ll want to listen to get all the details!

And if you are a “jump right in” kind of person, like me, you can just go ahead and register for Retreat and Grow Rich™– this is my program that helps you put your birthday gift talents into action. You can find it at the program starts when you register! See you there!

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