Alignment comes in waves. I sure have ridden enough of them.

You get clear, you take action, you expand. Flow happens. (Enjoying the flow is the final step in the Anatomy of a Transformation that I teach). And then you ride that wave for as long as you can before the discomfort hits again. Your business, your brand, your message, your offerings all start to feel too small, too confining, like denim on Thanksgiving.

It’s time to make a shift. It’s time to trust the small signals Spirit is dropping in your lap nudging you in another direction. Perhaps you know it’s time to ‘go deeper’ with your clients. Or to speak more directly to the heart of the work you do in the way that you market. Or to raise the investment to work with you. Or to start working in groups and building your tribe. Or perhaps there is another direction altogether… and you’re afraid the people who already love you will think you are crazy!

Yes that’s the discomfort I’m talking about.

The Wake Up Call

Perhaps you want to pay attention, but you simply can’t. You can’t discern the signals, or your fear won’t let you act.

I’ve been there.

And then something happens that says, Wake the hell up! (Lovingly, of course, this is the Universe we’re talking about here.)

For me most often this has come in the form of my body getting my attention. At the beginning of my journey it would be bladder or sinus infections. Then simply sore throats or coughs, a twisted ankle, etc. Then the broken tooth. And going on two years ago now, I fell and tore my shoulder.

Each time my body has spoken I have listened. In the beginning it was hard to hear. Then I became more tuned in, or so I thought.

When I tore my rotator cuff, I had no idea the healing journey it would reveal.

Healing Is A Journey

In the process of seeking healing, both from a variety professionals and from within, I’ve had new memories surface, new awareness of patterns of energy that had been stored in my body for more years than I’d like to admit, and seeing hard truths about ways of being that no longer served me.

I saw the layer of shame that had been with me for so long that it simply was, and through my physical healing I could finally see and own it and integrate it at as a part of me that no longer needed to manifest to keep me safe.

I committed to physical work with my body and a trainer and chiropractor to address the physical “reality.”

I saw shamanic healers, EFT practitioners, energy healers and acupuncturists and more. I learned about all kinds of modalities I didn’t know existed.

And I got all kinds of messages.

Messages about abuse I’d experienced early in life that I had never seen clearly before. Messages about my own role as a healer in the world. Messages about the way I’d cut myself off from my soul in anger.

After much frustration and many tears, as I could barely raise my hand to write on my blessed flipchart, I got disciplined about tuning in to hear the messages that were, in my assessment, the reason I’d partnered with Spirit to create the injury to begin with.

Changing the Source of the Pain

I made changes… sooo many changes. From implementing my own routine of tuning in to my body, to letting go offerings in my business and people in my business and old energy in my business that no longer served me. I held a funeral for heaviness and sadness. I stopped shouldering the burdens of others. I allowed myself more freedom and fun than ever before. I let this be my guiding principle as I made decisions. I’ve always WANTED it to be my guiding principle, but it is something different to actually DO that!
And I’ve been riding that wave of clarity ever since.

I’m in a process of rebranding and embedding new energy into our work, starting with my brand new course that some of my readers are taking right now! And it FEELS GREAT!

There is a wave of alignment… the Universe gets our attention, we move through the cycle of transformation, and we grow to become the person we are meant to be now, and enjoy the flow on the other side.

The Surprising Effect of Being Human

I know this, I’ve done this, I’ve watched my evolution. I teach others how to take ownership of their transformation.

Which was why it was so freaking humorous when I heard myself say this to my coach this week. I was unpacking an assignment I had in relation to my continued healing of the layers my shoulder injury brought to life. I’m at the tail end. My shoulder is almost ready to play tennis again. It *should* be just done already!

Yet the layers keep coming. As another piece to the puzzle showed up I said to her, “I know that healing is a process, and I have loved how this had deepened my connection with my soul. Yet it would be really convenient if my soul could hurry it up already, because I’m in a rebranding process and it would be nice to get it right right now.”

I was basically saying, “Hurry up and heal, I’ve got work to do!

We Are Never Fully Baked!

I laughed because if I’ve learned anything in the process of patiently allowing my physical self to heal it is that the healing is about the journey not the destination. Like anything in life. And the more we resist the journey the longer it tends to take. Yet we want to outcome. We want the end goal and we want it now on our own timeline… period.

And even with the lessons I’ve learned, apparently I still want that! Hurry up and heal. Let’s get this branding right, damn it!

I’ve had quite a few conversations with entrepreneurs who are new to my program or have been considering joining it this week. And I see some version of this thinking a lot. I just have to heal myself (fix myself, change my circumstance, wait for the kids to leave, etc) and THEN I’ll be ready (to grow my business, host my retreat, align my messaging, etc.)

Healing and Success Go Hand in Hand

And I know without a doubt that it never works this way. They go hand in hand. They always have and always will. Developing my brand creates healing. Healing intensifies the power of my work and my brand. Hosting your retreat will bring you clarity. This clarity will empower your next retreat.

Getting paid to do your deepest work will help you to know you can get paid to do your deepest work. You don’t fix your money stuff first then get paid. You own your value as you get paid.

All this is to say, you are never perfect and you are never done growing. If you put life on hold for your growth to be properly done, you will perpetually be on hold.

And it is convenient when the transformational wave lines up to the timing of your branding.

But in my statement I was basically saying, “Wow, I’d sure love to be virtually perfect this time around!” Let’s dig up every layer immediately so that I never have to be human, sharing vulnerably about this journey through life, again!

Luckily I know enough that I laughed with myself as I said it. And my coach did too.

I never want to go unconscious. I am always seeking Truth. And I know that Truth always shows up right on time. And this week I have reminded myself to trust that even further. How about you?

If you’re ready to invite in a new layer of Truth and alignment, I offer a structure for that work. It’s called Aligned Live and it is a 2 ½ day transformational retreat for entrepreneurs who have that business that feels just a bit too tight and you’re ready to see what Spirit has in store for you next. To learn more and apply click here: LINK

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