I am starting a new project, to take photos of random things in my environment and the world at large, and have them inspire blog posts.  Repurposing “stuff” and being inspired by what already exists is a passion of mine that I haven’t woven into my business, and I thought I’d start with the “stuff” in our world.  Please feel free to email me a photo that you’d like to inspire a future blog (darla at douxcoaching.com).

This little corner of my office recently caught my attention.  It is not beautifully designed, nor does it really make any sense.  Yet it inspires me with every glance.

The painting is something I had “commissioned” in Peru.  When I left my engineering job I spent a month there living with host families and studying Spanish.  That time is a critical piece of my personal growth journey, and this painting in particular.  I liked the style of art of a certain artist.  I bought one of his paintings.  I asked around in broken Spanish and tracked down the artist.  I wrote a description of the painting I wanted (also in broken Spanish) and asked him to paint it.  It depicts a particular evening on the Inca Trail.
I think the painting is somewhat silly – he wrote “U.S.A.” on the girl’s back. – but it reminds me of one of the first times I moved through the fear… of what people would think of me, whether I would inconvenience him, was my Spanish good enough, etc. to ask for what I wanted.  It also reminds me that sometimes the gift is in the PROCESS, rather than the END RESULT.  The process of getting the painting is a beautiful memory.  The painting itself, well…

Next to the painting is a photo of my mastermind group.  It reminds me that I am not alone in my journey.  It gives me joy to see the faces of others who are courageously walking their path of entrepreneurship.  I can also look to see each person I know I can call if I need support with something.  AND, it reminds me of who I am that I invested in a program that attracts such incredible people.

I also have a little note that one of my favorite coaches, David Neagle, dropped into my raffle container at an event I sponsored.  It reminds me of two things.  1) The time he said to me, “Until you have your own belief, believe in my belief in you.” And 2) I have no idea what small thing that I do will inspire my client or colleague long after I do it, like this note from David does for me.

I trust you enjoyed this peek in to my “inspiration corner.”  What do you keep in your work environment to remind you of who you are?  I mean who you REALLY are… not who your fears and doubts would have you believe you are.  Think of the times you were at your best, and bring in items that remind you of a time like that.  It does make a difference!

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