Here’s video two in our Profit Styles training series. 🙂

It’s Patty Proven in “Video Shoot Gone Bad!”

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Do you tend to get caught up in your own head when it comes to running your business? (And probably in other areas, too!) The main driver for this is that you are terrified of having the wrong answers, or putting something out there that is not quite right. You are committed to proving your worth, because you weren’t valued just for being you. This need to be competent, dare I say perfect, has helped you to truly shine in life at times. However, as a business owner it simply doesn’t work. Successful businesses fail more often than they succeed, and they are regularly taking risks to grow. Your commitment to excellence will help you, Patty, but we’ve got to make shifts to put it to work for you!

Aside from getting caught in analysis paralysis, the other big downfall Patty faces is that people have a hard time relating to you or connecting with you. You view clients and resources as scarce, so you tend to see through a filter of competition, and you can repel or overwhelm prospects with all of your facts and information. You are letting your content and knowledge lead the conversation, rather than YOU. A willingness to be vulnerable would go a long way, and you need to find your motivation to go there.

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