Bringing Sexy Back | Align and ProfitNapoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich talks about “sex energy” as the creative energy of all geniuses.

I talk a lot about your Genius… knowing what it is and how to be in the energy state to access it regularly so you can offer it to the ideal clients. Accessing your creative knowing about who you are and what you’re about involves having a clear mental state and trusting your own creativity.

One way to do this is through the emotion of sex. (Hill talks about the 7 Major Positive Emotions as desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, and hope.)

Being Sexual

Quoting further from Think and Grow Rich, Hill has devoted a whole chapter to Sex Transmutation, which is harnessing the energy of sex from physical to creative forms. “Sex is the most powerful of human desires.” “The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression that enrich the body, mind, and spirit…. It may be submerged and controlled for a time, but its very nature causes it to be ever seeking means of expression.”

Now, I’m by no means an expert on sex or sexuality. But I do know creativity. And I’ve actually begun asking my clients very directly about their sex lives if creative energy seems to be missing in their business. Why? You can’t be fully in your creativity if you’ve chosen to shut down your sexual desires.

Do you have to have a partner to be sexual? No. But being sexual helps you get present to your own creative energy. Shutting down that second chakra limits your ability to access the divine intelligence that is trying to come through. Sex is a creative tool, and it can show up in how you carry yourself, the thoughts you think, etc.

So stop right now and ask yourself, what are the top three things that are sexy about you? If it’s hard to get present to them, you may want to make this a focus area for your business. Remember, who you’re being anywhere is who you’re being everywhere.

Being Sexy

A business that has sex appeal sells. Sexy is attractive. You want your business to be attractive.

“A teacher who has trained and directed the efforts of more than 30,000 sales people made the astounding discovery that highly sexed people are the most efficient sales reps. The explanation is that the factor of personality known as ‘personal magnetism’ is nothing more nor less than sexy energy.”

  1. Conviction is sexy.
  2. Being present is sexy.
  3. Being mysterious is sexy.
  4. Self-expression is sexy.
  5. Vulnerability is sexy.
  6. Intrigue is sexy.
  7. Risk is sexy.
  8. Self-love is sexy.
  9. A business and brand that represent who you are at your core is very sexy.
  10. Who you were meant to be is sexy.

Today’s article is less of an answer and more of a question. What would be different in your business and your personal life if you stopped making sexual expression and afterthought, but rather a mandatory element to the business and life of your dreams?


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