I’m going to tell you two stories of my most recent major successes.  Allow me to paint a picture of what it takes to achieve a goal — or even believe the goal is possible.

The story of how I lost almost 30 pounds in 4 months – the Cliffs Notes version:

  • Became aware that my pants were too tight and I needed to make a decision to either lose weight or buy new pants.
  • Was neither losing weight nor buying new pants.
  • Because not deciding doesn’t work for me (or anyone), I worked with a wellness coach to help me move past whatever was keeping me from making the decision.
  • Got clear and made decision to lose weight.
  • Worked with an amazing chiropractor to get body in alignment and shift emotional blocks/ stored energy around weight.
  • Enrolled my environment (family/friends) into my new commitment.  Made it clear it was not something I was “trying to do” but it was a commitment.  They supported me 100%.  (No teasing or tempting).
  • Released first 20 lbs.
  • Worked with another wellness coach on adding in exercise, routine, and more good food, and bypassing the typical weight loss plateau.
  • Did the work.

The story of how I went from unhappy corporate engineer and marketer to 6-figure business owner – Cliffs Notes:

  • Took various classes and coaching programs, and read countless books over the course of years to get me clear on who I am and what I’m about.
  • Completed a career change certification and coach certification program.
  • Worked with a business & mindset coach who made more than I ever imagined making.  Went from hoping to make $3000 a month to imagining myself making more.  (And actually making more).
  • Worked with a designer, programmer, copy strategist, tech guru, photographer, and various brilliant friends to bring my brand, and my next brand, to life.
  • Hired great support team, after hiring not so great support team.
  • Worked with copy mentor, systems mentor, support team mentor.
  • Threw my hat over the wall countless times – financially, and in ways that called forth a new being within me.
  • Hired coach to help me with getting consistent, predictable income.  Joined mastermind to ensure that I am never without likeminded, uplifting, inspiring people on my journey.
  • Partnered with other fabulous business owners in mutually beneficial ways.
  • Attended countless events and trainings on business-building and coaching methods, techniques, and strategies.  Got my butt on planes, arranged schedule to attend calls.
  • Did the work.
So here are the lessons:
  • There is no silver bullet. There is only a series of decisions and commitments that take you to the next series of decisions and commitments.  When you expect one thing to “save” you, you will shoot yourself in the foot instead.  Similarly, you are no one else’s silver bullet.  If you try to be, you will create funky energy, and it will break down.  [Both of these were hard for me to accept].
  • I didn’t need all of the steps I took, yet I needed all of them. You can’t know what you don’t know until you know.  No one has ever asked about my coaching certification, yet it was what I needed to get to the next step of my journey.  The career change certification I took was an important step as my first real investment in my non-existent business.  I use what I learned in both of these, but even more I use who I BECAME through each of these decisions.
  • It takes a village. One of my mentors says, “You can’t do it alone, but you have to do it by yourself.”  Each step, each person, each piece of the puzzle came through others, for me to put them together for myself in the way that serves and supports ME, uniquely.  No one else is me, I have to do the work.
  • You have to do the work!
  • Structured support is key. Accomplishing your goal is often much less about knowledge or even desire, it is about having a structure for support.  Clearly, I believe coaching is the best possible structure for business support, which is why it is what I offer.  There are various structures for getting things done, but no structure generally means no movement.  When you rely on your own willpower, or view through the same filters you already have, the process generally will break down.
  • We value what we pay for. Not all of the structures I used were paid, enrolling non-paid support is critical too.  However, when I have paid for something, I know I am someone who will get my money’s worth, The exchange of money seals the commitment.  And, I personally love flowing money through my village.
  • You are a part of someone’s village, right now. Are you going to offer your service?  DON’T discount someone as a potential client just because they may already have some support in meeting their goals.  You may be a key member of their village, and they are waiting for you to let them pay you to have the (life/business/health/love/money/freedom/joy) that they desire!


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