Darla LeDoux | Align and ProfitSo often entrepreneurs get caught up in their head as they try to decide their value, and where to find clients. You know what I’m talking about – either you’ve done it or you’ve seen it in action.

If you’re like me and your “why you do what you do” is more important to you than your fear, then maybe you don’t get stuck, but I’d venture to guess that you still don’t walk around with that 100% confidence that when someone meets you, it’s their lucky-damn-day.

Do you? I sure don’t, so a reminder is always supremely helpful!

So right now, take out a post it note, and on it write your name, followed by, “it’s their lucky day!” and post it prominently.

You are in business for a reason. You have a gift to give. So claim it!

What would be different if you actively believed that every prospect that crossed your path had just manifested the best day of their life?

Lucky Day Marketing Plan

If you knew it was people’s lucky day when they came in contact with your marketing, would you hold back? Would you waste time trying to figure out what they wanted you to say? NO! You’d trust that what you really wanted to say was exactly what they needed to hear, because if you held back you might sabotage their lucky day. You’d pay attention to how YOU interpret the world and share it boldly. Connected Marketing Campaign anyone?

Lucky Day Sales Conversations

If you knew it was their lucky day, would you be hesitant in your sales conversations? Would you discount your services on the fly? Hell no! You’d be thrilled to take their money. Would you stop yourself from saying what needed to be said? Would you shrink back from allowing them to sit in their own pain and discomfort so you can temporarily feel better? No way. You would KNOW that their lucky day doesn’t come without sacrifice. They must sacrifice something of a lower nature in order to bring in something of a higher nature. You would be happy to be the one to let them sacrifice their money fear in favor of bringing the luckiest person around into their life!

Lucky Day Scheduling

If you knew it was people’s lucky day when they met you, would you fill your calendar with stuff that didn’t allow them to meet you? You wouldn’t. Would you fill your calendar with activities that deplete your energy and don’t allow you time to continue to grow? Nope. Would you continue to resist proactively creating a schedule that serves you because the child in you wants to throw a temper tantrum against structure? I think you’d let that go. (I’ve been there, by the way). You’d map out what serves you and them for 2013 so you can go spreading lucky-day-cheer strategically and purposefully.

Lucky Day Energy

If you knew it was a prospect’s lucky day when they crossed your path, how would you be showing up on a day-to-day basis? Would you engage in complaint-driven conversations? Would you talk about how you don’t know what you are doing, or participate in conversations about lack? I didn’t think so! You’d be looking for what’s right and spreading the love about what’s possible through the perspective you bring. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE THAT IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Because you’d trust that you’ve been given the perspective for a reason, and it must matter if you are the source of someone’s lucky day!

Now go out, be you, and let them be the lucky ones!


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