It seems to be a theme today in my coaching calls that people are needing to set their very specific goals for this week, and release anything they haven’t done before now, and trust that whatever they need to do next week will reveal itself next week.

Now this doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan or a long-term vision.  That is critical to choosing what to do this week.  But, we’ve been stopping a lot of madness today about overanalyzing the next step after the step that hasn’t even happened yet!  Several of my clients are launching new websites this week (yay!) and some are getting caught up in all of what it means and what they have to do after the site launches… so much so that the immediate steps aren’t happening.

Sound familiar?

Relax, breathe.  It’s just this week.  What needs to happen this week?

Since myself and many of my clients tend to be “high expectation” type of people, I suggest making a list of all things you want to and intend to get done this week, then cross out at least 20% of them.  You will feel significantly better about yourself and your work when you get them all done, than when you leave some things undone.  It is highly empowering to choose to let some things go.  And, imagine how exciting it would be to get the “20% less list” done EARLY, and then take a break! Smile

Next, remember to CELEBRATE all things you do get done at the end of the week, so you create some energy for next week too!

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