Sue was working her butt off, and she still felt stuck.  She was doing all the things she thought she needed to do to get the word out her about her business, but something was off.  Somehow she wasn’t feeling connected to the things she was sharing when she talked to people, and the sales weren’t coming in.  Weird.  She could see exactly what people needed.  Why couldn’t they?

Have you ever felt some version of this?

Here’s a suggestion:  Look to yourself for answers.
I was having a conversation with a client today.  (Not named Sue).  She’d been doing all of the things others had suggested she do to grow her business and sell her services.  Then she stopped, sequestered herself, and began to work HER OWN process on HERSELF.  She realized that she was exactly what she had needed.

Do you practice what you teach?

It seems quite obvious, really.  We know “the answer” that we think will help our clients:  Get a massage.  Connect with the right people.  Get clear about your message.   Do hypnotherapy.  Get a new look.  Yet we haven’t tried the exact services we sell for ourselves.

There are two fabulous reasons to walk your talk.

  1. Integrity. Congruency.  Alignment.  It is out of integrity to desire for someone else that which you won’t give yourself.  A massage therapist who claims to be all about pampering and self care yet doesn’t pamper themselves will have trouble selling that “way of being.”  A coach without a coach will not know firsthand the value of coaching.  Something will feel off.  It’s integrity – a misalignment with your words.
  2. You’ll realize you are brilliant, and your process, system, service, well – it works! There is nothing like being stuck and recognizing you actually have your own answer, perfectly packaged in exactly what you sell.  Talk about experiential learning and creating belief in your view and your work!  (If it doesn’t work for you, I have no doubt you’ll quickly know how to modify it so it will, and you and your new clients will love it.)

Give your own program a try.  Doesn’t it really work well?

My business took a major turn when I was stuck in a particular area, looked for an answer outside of myself, and then realized that my own program was exactly what I wanted from someone else.  As a direct result of this insight, my belief in my program skyrocketed, and my sales and client results accelerated.  The same thing happened for the woman above, who is not really named Sue. Smile

What will happen for you?

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