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I’m so excited to welcome Hillary Schneider to the Retreat and Grow Rich podcast!


Not only does she have a retreat center, but she’s also a horse coach and trainer, and beautiful transformational leader.

Hillary offers spiritual mentorship and intuitive guidance for women visionaries and entrepreneurs that are seeking to become ‘unstuck’ from themselves, their fears and doubts so they can move towards holding deep and big spaces of their sacred work and calling with confidence, clarity, and certainty. 

What I do with my coaching work is help people in some ways take ownership of what I call their medicine, you know, what we bring into the world.”

In this episode, we dig into :

  • How she got into retreats
  • Where her love of horses came from
  • Her first experience as a coach
  • What equine facilitated learning is
  • Why she says she was ‘hiding’ behind her horses
  • How horses help hold the space for students in her retreats
  • Her first retreat and workshop experience
  • Going from leasing a building to manifesting the space she purchased
  • Why she says her property found her
  • The first step in receiving gifts from the Universe
  • How she dealt with multiple changes in her business at once
  • Hillary also shares an example of how her horses all respond differently to the energy of her retreat members.
  • Lastly, she explains what happens during a retreat and how she strives to customize it based on each individual’s need.Find more information about Hillary’s retreats at, or learn about facilitating transformation with horses at (and no, you don’t need to have your own horse yet!)

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