One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from my first coach.  I was considering participating in a training program which would walk me through writing a book.  It was a considerable investment for me at the time, and I was very nervous about it.  And she told me, “It doesn’t matter, but whatever decision you make, line yourself up with it fully and you will get the value of your investment.”

As I am not a published author just yet, you can probably guess that I didn’t make that decision [no this is not an invite for book-publishing advice Wink– I’ll get around to it.  Seriously.].  But I have used that way of thinking over and over and over as I’ve built my business, and it has served me well.  My version of it is, “Make a decision, then make it right.”

As I’ve written about before, Napoleon Hill says that in analyzing successful people (millionaires), they “had a habit of reaching decisions promptly, and changing these decisions slowly, if and when they were changed.”  In other words, they made a decision and made it right.

So much of the struggle that I see with my new entrepreneurial clients comes in re-thinking decisions.  They get clear, then someone gives them some unsolicited “advice,” or they read about someone doing it differently, or they research another opportunity, and *BAM* back in the spin-cycle.

And trust me, I HAVE BEEN THERE!  When I first began dreaming of being an entrepreneur, I would share my ideas with people, and they would merely have to cock an eyebrow and I’d change my mind.  When I first started my business, I sought advice from people who didn’t have a business.  They are incredible people who helped me a lot, but I let their advice undo a lot of the decisions I had already made, that I eventually came back around and re-instated (can you say spinning my wheels?).

Now that I am in the flow in my business, I keep this as a principle.  “MAKE A DECISION, AND MAKE IT RIGHT.”  It has never failed me.

I was going to write this blog last week.  Then I noticed myself questioning a decision I made.  I couldn’t authentically write this when I wasn’t practicing it (walking the talk is another post).  I then came back to my original principle, which has served me well, “Make a decision, and make it right.”

Not only does this “rule” save you from the self-abuse that is indecision, which alone is reason enough to adopt it, but it also aligns you with the laws of the universe, with an energetic state in which there are no bad decisions, and no mistakes, and life is, by nature, abundant.  This can be hard to envision if you haven’t experienced it.  It can be hard to part with your time or money for anything, if you are in a state of fear and scarcity.  Yet, when your intuition tells you go for it, and you go for it, I request that you boldly go full-out.  Make it right and get all the value you can from your decision.

When I again shifted my thinking to make my decision right, my phone immediately began to ring with new client work.  No kidding. Give it a try.


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I’d love to hear about a time when you made a decision, then made it right, and got into the flow.  Post a comment!

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