One of my top “money multipliers” that will lead to making more money, and being relaxed, grounded and centered when you’re not, is to Know Your Client Connection. There are two aspects of this:

  1. Choosing client connection strategies that work for YOU – what you want your life to look like and what you enjoy – and mastering them.
  2. Measuring your results.

I could write extensively about the different client connection strategies you could choose to master, but today’s message is to choose a few (I say 3 at most in the beginning) and master them.  By master I mean get comfortable with them (even if you’re uncomfortable about that), and do them enough to get a sense of your results.  Explore ways to systematize them to make them easier.  And by all means, measure the results.

This is not necessarily about measuring ROI on your efforts.  At some point you will track lifetime value of your clients to put your investments in perspective, but let’s not complicate things right now.  Especially in a building phase, you want to invest in your client connection on faith and intuition, and then watch where it pays off.

Measuring right now is about knowing the short-term revenue results you get from each of your efforts.  How many new clients do you attract each time you speak, for example.

Why is this important?

If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know that I’m a fan of:

  • Setting your money goals based on what you really want.
  • Setting your schedule goals based on what you really want.
  • Designing your packages and prices to support your money & schedule goals.

If you’ve done this work, you will know exactly how many and what type of clients you need to make this happen.

When you measure your Client Connection, you then know exactly what action you need to take to bring in the results you desire!  (And as long as you do that, and bring your best energy to every action, there is nothing else to do!)

Let me give you an example.

Jane decides she likes for her schedule to be more routine, bringing on a consistent number of new clients each month (as opposed to cyclical, bringing in clients in spurts).  Given the tenure of a client and the rates she offers, she knows she needs 4 new clients monthly.  She has chosen to use webinars, networking, and event sponsorship as her primary client connection strategies.

She learns that for each webinar she conducts and shares with her network, 50 people register, and 4 are interested in learning more, and 2 become clients.

Each time she sponsors an event, she adds about 10 people to her next webinar, and she brings in one new client directly from each sponsorship.
She knows that when she is intentional in her networking, she will usually bring in one new client immediately for every event she attends.  She knows that sometimes she is less intentional, and so she counts on one new client for every 2 events she attends.

Based on her client connection rates, and the lifestyle she wants to lead, Jane creates the following strategy:

  • 1 webinar each month = 2 clients
  • 1 event sponsorship each month = 1 client (+ one other future client from next month’s webinar)
  • 2 networking events each month = 1 client (and also building her tribe for the future)

Now, in the beginning you may not be as clear and confident in your ability to convert, and you may attend 10 networking events each month.  For most people, however, that level of effort, and the resulting scattered feeling, won’t be sustainable with their lifestyle goals.

Go full out in action while you’re learning, but keep an eye on your results.  When you are intending to measure them, you will naturally be more effective, and move to a manageable schedule faster.

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