Nicole was really upset.

In fact she was mad at her soul. She knew that she was on a journey to become more aligned with her personal Truth and that her soul was guiding her to see what she needed to see about who she was meant to become.

But why was it that her soul had to make it so hard?

Why is that she had to move to a foreign country, meet people who disappointed her, buy and sell a home, and even feel as if she was back to square one financially in order to learn the lessons she’d needed to see?

And more importantly, if she were to act on the things she was learning about herself, and make a change yet again, what on earth would people think of her? After all, wasn’t she supposed to look like she had it all together by now? Wasn’t the bold move to a foreign land meant to make a statement about her independence and her savvy?

And then there was her vision for her business. She knew she needed the lessons she was learning – about not overgiving, no longer putting herself last, becoming clear about what she actually wants and believes – to be the powerhouse business owner and teacher/ healer she knew deep down she was meant to be. But seriously, couldn’t it all happen a bit FASTER?

Perhaps you can relate to this?

I know I myself have had the idea before that I would eventually get to a place where everything is just running so smoothly in life that nothing changes and it all looks and feels just right.

But I also know that I have found the most clarity, certainty, passion, and momentum just on the other side of making a mess of things.

And that was feeling really true for Nicole as well. The lessons she learned in a short amount of time, ones that came in ways that felt really ‘bad’ or ‘irresponsible’ – like moving and potentially moving again, or investing in her own personal growth even if she wasn’t exactly sure just yet how she would get the return – were actually lessons that would reap rewards for the rest of her life. And they were worth every penny and every judgment from the outside that she risked receiving.

In fact I know that I had invested more than six figures in coaching and marketing opportunities to learn the same lessons, so in my opinion she’d been rather efficient!

And my personal growth, and awareness of my own Truth, was worth every penny as well.

Because there is no greater joy than knowing yourself. And there is no greater power than a woman who is willing to own her truth and accept what comes.

I had a quote on my desk when I was first starting my business that read:

“I don’t understand why so many settle for so little. Why are they not greedy for what’s inside them?”
– Author Unknown

This was a guiding force for me in my passion to set people free, and is still true today. (Though I now understand that people must set themselves free…)

Most human beings on the planet today don’t actually want to know themselves at the level that Nicole did. Because we are afraid of what we might find. Yet what we are only as powerful as the parts of ourselves that we choose to see and accept. This is what restores us to wholeness.

And even if we WANT to know ourselves, our subconscious minds create complicated mechanisms to keep us from seeing our Truth, because when we see it we can’t un-see it, and therefore we are compelled to act upon it (or suffer greatly at its denial).

So often as we commit to the journey toward Truth, which is our ultimate act of liberation, we find ourselves in circumstances that feel (and look from the outside) exceptionally messy.

We move and move again (been there, done that). We shift our direction in ways that may look confusing from the outside, though make perfect sense and resonate deeply for those on the inside. We end relationships. We start new ones. We end those too. We seek the tribe that aligns with our Truth, and the business model to support it.

We sometimes make healthy decisions. And sometimes unhealthy ones… and these lead us to seeing the contrast and learning what is healthy for us.

And here is the thing.

You cannot know what’s on the other side of a decision until you make it.

This is the #1 biggest problem I see when entrepreneurs spin their wheels, afraid to make the decision that will ultimately set them free.

We want to know how it will go on the other side. We hear and feel something calling, but we can’t see it clearly, and in order to get a clearer picture we absolutely must first take a step, letting the Universe know that we are committed to honoring the path that is calling to us.

Take the first step and you get a better view. Take the step, even if you aren’t sure what the view will look like, and you know the view might not look pretty.

If you’re willing to not look pretty, you’ll be absolutely beautiful standing in your Truth on the other side of the mess.


And powerful.

My definition of power.

Power = being free to be your authentic self, speak your Core Truth, and accept what comes.

When you are willing to accept what comes, without suppressing yourself to control the outcome, you are in charge of your own power, period. And you are unstoppable.

If you want to pivot toward your truth, in the most elegant way possible, join me HERE.

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