ReflectionIt’s happened to me countless times. I go about my life and my business (or my job back when I was in a job) and I’d make decisions and float along on the trajectory I set for myself. These days it’s a trajectory I really love. But then it happens nonetheless. I’ll hear someone say something that absolutely lights me up. Or I’ll hear someone say something that absolutely fires me up. And I’ll get one of those moments of crystal clarity.

Kinda like the one I got back in my corporate job when I observed how people had a tendency to present the opinions they knew were popular rather than the ones that were real, and I saw that the world would be a different place if we all stopped pretending.

It happened to me again recently when my friend hesitantly advised me not to share something that I had discovered with the casual, “girl, what if you’re wrong?” This got me FIRED UP about Truth and the importance of trusting those fleeting moments of inner knowing no matter what anyone around you thinks. I gave birth to my new mantra “believe yourself and no one else” and launched the Truth Summit to explore the topic.

Back in my first business seminar I remember looking at the person leading the program and thinking, “he does what I do… only he’s doing it in a big way and I’m just thinking about doing it!”

The moments of crystal clarity require being truthful with yourself about what is calling. That deep longing to be like the man on the stage was a moment of clarity about who I wanted to be in the world, and I let that clarity drive me for the following 2 years with him as my mentor and role model.

If you love reading my stuff. If it lights you up, and makes you think to yourself, “she’s right” and “that’s what I do!” you are probably right. I am serving to reflect back to you the Truth about who you are at your core. Then the question becomes, will you act on it? Are you willing to put your Truth out there? And are you willing to get help to crystalize it?

In my Inner Alignment Intensive last weekend, we had a small group of courageous entrepreneurs look deeply at who they are, what they do, and what they believe, and place a true value on that. The dynamic in this room is carefully crafted to allow people to see themselves reflected in the others in the room, and those they encounter during the program’s excursions.

The people that pissed them off let them know about parts of themselves they haven’t healed, or parts they have that they are longing to share. The parts that lit them up, or stirred envy within them, represent parts of themselves it was time to step into, claim their genius in that area, and begin to charge for it.

They would have never known any of that if they had stayed home.

We must engage in life to know what we truly believe, the stuff we believe so deeply and passionately that it will catapult us out of bed and move our results forward by leaps and bounds. We must give ourselves the moments of crystal clarity that will shape our ever evolving brand, our latest campaign or offering, or the soap box message that can’t wait to be televised.

Are you willing to speak your Truth and watch how it lands?

Watching how it lands doesn’t mean looking to see if people like it. Some of the good stuff will piss people off. I had countless interviewees in the Truth Summit mention how as they became more of themselves, some people got upset. That’s how it goes. You want to speak what you believe is your Truth and look to see how it lands. You’re not looking for approval, you are looking for how it lands for you in your gut as you speak it, and you looking for whether the right people step up, either in support or with ruffled feathers, to make some change in their own life as a result of the Truth you speak.

Don Miguel Ruiz said, when you lose the human form (meaning the old stories that your ancestors taught you about being human), “you have the opportunity to choose what you believe according to your integrity…. You can use the your attention for the second time to base your story on the truth instead of lies.”

I love that he says, “believe according to your own integrity.” Only your personal integrity can tell you whether something is Truth for you or if it is a lie based on the reason you are personally on this planet. How you see yourself reflected in others, and how you feel and respond to them, will tell you exactly where your integrity lies if you let it.

Will you let it?


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