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Today’s guests, Stella Orange, Rebecca Liston, & Sarah Dew got tired of the old ways of building business and joined forces to do something about it. Their enthusiasm and simplistic approach is contagious, and I had a fantastic time digging deeper with them!

Guest Bio:

Orange, Liston, & Dew is a collaboration between three Beavers, Stella Orange, Rebecca Liston, and Sarah Dew, who’d grown tired of the old way of business building, which struck them as unoriginal, formulaic, and the opposite of fun.

So they decided to do it differently. As a copywriter, business intuitive, and a no-nonsense strategist, the trio works with clients who want to build a different kind of business – rooted in what’s fun for the business owner, and what’s highest and best for her clients. They host BeaverCon in person and Beaver Lodges online, gathering business owners around the world who know that we can go farther and build faster when we do it together.

Bringing people into a room who line up with who you are and what you’re about, and the mission you’re on…there’s one word we need to talk about. And that word isn’t “beaver”, although we really should talk about that word in this conversation as well…

During our discussion, we dove into what lead these three “Beavers” to where they are today. Sarah shares how she came to a point where she couldn’t bring herself to send one more email to her list, and Stella recounts how she felt when she realized what her training as a copywriter was actually teaching her to do.  

We’re joined by a live guest who gains insight on how to frame an offer at the end of her keynote talk that speaks to the right audience and doesn’t make her feel too “salesy”. The Beavers offer clarity and suggestions that take Veronica from anxious to excited about her presentation.

We also cover:

  • What the New Way Forward is and how listeners can apply it to their business.
  • How to fill a room with people aligned with your event and your offerings.
  • What makes the right people jump at the right event opportunities.
  • Viewing people as the hero of the story and how that changes marketing.
  • Aligning with a more feminine energy in businesses.
  • Honoring the process of growth and change.

Plus, the will share how listeners can join them for a ‘love seat’ chat during a virtual Coffee Talk. Be sure to stay tuned for these ladies final words… they’re simply powerful!

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