1134I’m all fired up at the moment.  I’ve got insights firing left and right, I am watching my clients grow leaps and bounds as well.  I’m I just crossed 1000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.  (I mean, that must be some sort of ‘fired up’ marker these days, right?)

And I love this feeling.

Perhaps it’s like a business high.  Perhaps some might say it’s unhealthy, I don’t know, but it works for me.

So what on earth am I talking about?

Running a business One Big Ass Committed Decision at a Time.  OBACDAT.  Perhaps it’s my newest acronym.

So I was on the phone with an event planner the other day discussing my big “why” for the prospect of having a big event.  You know, one of those 3-day “life will never be the same if you learn my 3-step system” events that I enjoy attending but haven’t been called to create.

We were talking about my “why” because it’s been bubbling up for the last couple of months.  I’m seeing that no one is talking about the stuff I’m talking about in the way I am approaching it, and some business owners aren’t ready to tackle it head on in an intimate event like my Inner Alignment Intensive (www.InnerAlignmentIntensive.com).  I need to give people the fly-on-the-wall option.  I wish they were braver.  But quite frankly there was a time when I wasn’t either.  Long paragraph just to say – it is time.

As I started to sit with it, I felt the excitement start to well up in me.  Why?  Because my business has grown OBACDAT.  (One Big Ass Committed Decision at a Time – in case you forgot)

From the decision to host a big event, and a commitment to doing it in alignment with my Truth (no hype, straight talk, fun and in service), I know I’ll have to make hundreds of little decisions that will change the course of my business and life forever.  I will never be the same, and I will become more of myself.

Rewind for a minute to why I’m all fired up right now.  Because I’m experiencing the result of OBACDAT right now in week two of my Believe Yourself Challenge (www.BelieveYourselfChallenge.com).

About 8- months ago I had OBACDAT when I invested in a workshop on personal branding.  It was kind of a big deal – 5-figure investment.  On the surface, not much changed, I’m just more of me.  But I went from a mission or point of view of ‘be free to be you and make money’ to one of ‘believe yourself and no one else.’

Same general goal, much different vibe.  And internally, it changed me.  I aligned with my commitment to the outcome of the training, and Spirit went to work in delivering me everything I needed to make it happen – including my own awareness.

That was January.  A couple months ago as I had started teaching more consistent with my refreshed point of view, I noticed that people were REALLY responding.  People were exhausted from looking for the right answer OUT THERE.  They were wanting to trust their crazy ideas, but they were afraid.  As I shifted my clients were getting even more rapid ah-has about their own inner knowing, and making more decisions.

So, I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew it was time to create bigger space for ‘believe yourself and no one else.’  So I made the DECISION, and watched for signals.  I knew I needed to let people into my world.  I knew I need them to SEE (not be preached to) that their entrepreneurial venture could make them deeply happy.  They needed to see me believing myself.  And the Believe Yourself Challenge was born.

If we had more space I could recount for you how I’ve followed this technique (the OBACDAT) for EVERY growth I’ve experienced.  (I’ll be sharing more in Friday’s Webinar).  But here’s what I want you to notice.

The decisions didn’t come from someone else.  (Though often they were sparked by someone offering me an opportunity from a stage at a big 3-day event somewhere and me saying YES!) They didn’t come from following a formula.  They didn’t come from a trend, and they certainly didn’t come from fear.  They came from keen observation of what I believed the people around me needed, followed by looking within to see how my personal energy could flow from me authentically to address that need.  AND, when I use that approach, and then commit in a big way, it always happens, its always fun, and it always works.

That’s what I told the event planner to get her to take me as a client.  And the story unfolds…

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