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I see the “lone wolf” mentality in entrepreneurs all the time.

So today I want to challenge that deep-rooted belief and take the opportunity to remind you that the universe has your back!

When I was growing up, while there was some sense of community, every family was encouraged to fend for themselves. In school classes were competitive, and in the corporate world, there was an underlying need to prove yourself. But it wasn’t until I started my business that I realized how strong my tendency was to pull myself up by my “bootstraps” and figure it out.

“How is the idea that you should be the lone wolf, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, figure things out, already know how to do all of the things in your business- how is that impacting you?”

In this episode, I’ll also dig into…

  • A time I felt truly supported by a friend
  • What shifts I had to make in order to receive support
  • Why this is a critical exercise to go through if you plan on leading retreats
  • Ways to move past the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality
  • How to make it easier for those in your life to support you
  • What the “lone wolf” mentality has to do with your human design 
  • Where this culture comes from and how to shift it  

I’ll also lead you through an exercise so you can see where this mentality might be impacting you and your business.

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