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Let’s talk today about why it’s so important to own your magic (Yes, you have some!)

I was listening to Larry Winget speak, and quickly jotted down something he said,

“People will never listen to what you have to say, or believe what you have to say, but they will always listen for whether you believe what you have to say.”

Wow. How true is that? If we do not believe what’s coming out of our mouth, no one else will either. If we’re not aligned with our truth we end up taking on business we’re not passionate about and undervaluing what we’re delivering.  

When I first started out, I realized my concern about people wondering why I was doing what I was doing was leading me to those very conversations. They could sense that I wasn’t owning it. I was so concerned that I was inviting that conversation into that space.

Once I started owning my position as a coach, a flip switched. That’s the power of owning it.

I personally believe what you’re about is different than what you do in your business. What you’re about has to do with what you care about and what matters to you. 

In this episode we’ll cover the 4 Areas of Owning It:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you’re about
  3. What you do
  4. Why your work matters

If you’re struggling with clarity, scope creep, or pricing… this episode is for you!

What We Talked About

12:20 | Being comfortable in your own skin is a process.
13:30 | We’re all born with our truth, our journey is to systematically peel back the curtain to that truth.
19:50 | How what you’re about is different than what you do.
20:18 | How to find your clarity point!
28:05 | The 4 Stages of the Retreat and Grow Rich System.
33:23 | Considering the ripple effect in your pricing.
34:08 | True transformation is permanent — not an addictive habit.
34:45 | How owning those 4 areas creates magic.

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