The Client Journey is the way I talk about how we structure and package our services to bring clients on at different levels and get them to the destination they seek.  One aspect of developing your Client Journey is to think about how you package and price your services.

A challenge I have for you today is to look at how you might be able to package your services such that you are free to DELIGHT your clients.

Delight (v) – to give great pleasure, satisfaction, or enjoyment to; please highly.

Now, because you are likely a service-driven, heart-centered entrepreneur, I know you WANT to delight your clients, right?  My question is, are you designing your business so that you CAN delight your clients?

Here are some ways to design for delight (as I share these I see ways in which I can improve as well):

Package in extras and bonuses that speak directly to the needs/desires of your ideal client.

  • If you primarily help your client with their nutritional needs, for example, but you know that they also struggle with exercise, can you send them your favorite workout video or exercise log in the mail?
  • Can you add in a targeted assessment, workbook, or audio series that will support your client in making the most of their time with you?
  • If you help your clients to organize their time or their schedule, can you include your favorite organizational tool?
  • If you are a copywriter, can you give your clients a tool to record their future writing needs or ideas? (This also helps you!)

Give them something to remember you by.

  • This goes along with the bonus idea.  What add-on can you provide that your client will continue to use after your time together, that will remind them of the great experience they had with you?
  • How do you keep in touch with your past clients in a way that delights them?
  • How do you use phone, mail, and email to communicate with clients and past clients? These days it is a treat to receive something in the mail!

Price your high-level packages so that you can afford to be generous.

  • With your time. When you are calculating your time spent per client and the money you want to make (I have a recommended process for this), be sure to factor in a little leeway in your time so that you have space in your schedule to be generous with your time.  Note, I do not recommend being generous with your time when you are barely getting by.  I don’t recommend systematically giving yourself away.  I do recommend designing so that you can feel free to give when it makes sense to give.  A few extra minutes for someone who is struggling.  A quick response to a question for a current or past client.
  • With your money. When it comes time to choose the level of service and support you give your clients, either by hiring team members, or treating them well at live events, or giving them great materials, you want make sure you are able to be generous.  This, of course, depends on your brand and what you stand for.  I believe most people are delighted when treated well.  You want to start with the basics – the right technology for what you’re doing, and the right support staff so people are taken care of.  Then add in the bonuses – a limo ride to dinner, providing snacks or breakfast at an event, etc.  You are setting an example for your clients about how you believe they deserve to be treated.
  • With your resources. More about this in a minute.  When you begin to collect resources that are passive for you and benefit your clients, consider gifting them in your high-level programs.  You may also gift them as appropriate to prospects who have never purchased from you.  This is only if it serves them to do so (give your substance where it can do most good).  I recently gave several audios away on a no-cost teleclass because they were directly connected to the themes of struggle on the call.  One resource I also sell, the other is only available to my private clients, and I was able to choose to gift them in that moment.

Collect resources for future bundling.

  • Your own stuff. If you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over with multiple clients, get it captured.  Either record an audio or video, or get it written up in the form of articles or checklists.  These resources make for valuable bundles for your clients, and increase the value of your programs.  Don’t feel the need to sit in your office with no clients creating resources, please.  But as they come up, make it a habit of collecting your own resources.
  • Other people’s stuff. If there are books, assessments, or articles that made a difference for you, or that you love, share them!  [Google David Neagle Art of Success – this is a great no cost resource I love to share].  This adds value for your clients, and creates an abundance mindset in your business (there is no competition for being you!).
  • JV Partners’ stuff. Form lasting relationships with strategic joint venture or referral partners.  These are people who do work that compliments yours.  Share them and their brilliance with your clients to add value and build those supportive relationships.  I do a monthly Guest Expert call for my private clients.  They love the extra resources, and my Guest Experts get known among potential future ideal clients.

Get Creative

  • You (hopefully) know what will delight your clients better than anyone.  Sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, and tap your Intuitive Genius.  Ask yourself, how can I delight my clients this week?  Then listen and take action in abundance and trust that great results will follow – for you and for them!
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