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Laura Wieck believes that we’ve all been blessed with the talent to heal.

Her certification program has changed the services of coaches and massage therapists everywhere, and it was amazing to chat with her during today’s episode.

A Master Coach and creator of the BodyMind Coaching Program, she is dedicated to helping Holistic Practitioners utilize the power of the BodyMind Connection in supporting their clients and growing their businesses.

She believes that you have been blessed with the talents to help others hear and the desire to make a difference. Her mission is to help you honor yourself, serve your clients and grow your business in a heart-centered and impactful way. That means no more burnout. No more exhaustion. No more charging-less-than-you-are-worth!

I started my business with this intention of combining coaching and massage because massage helps with the physical release but the coaching, the mindset, the choices, helping people just hear their body, that was something that people were missing.    “

The body-mind connection is often talked about in this space, but Laura approaches it with unique eyes as a former massage therapist.

After a traumatic experience, she noticed physical pains she couldn’t explain. It wasn’t until a teacher explained that unprocessed feelings can get trapped in muscles that she realized it was residual guilt.

After her first mind-body connection experience, she started unofficially coaching during her massage sessions. So much so, that she would spend 30-45 minutes after each session giving away her coaching services.

Once she formalized and started charging for her services, she began a certification program that allows healers everywhere to deeply connect with their audience.

During our time together we dig into:

  • How she overcame the burnout her overextended schedule lead to
  • Why she had fully committed clients who weren’t changing anything in their lives
  • How she ended up in massage therapy
  • What shifts she had to make to start charging for her coaching services
  • Why she puts ‘body’ in front of body-mind experience
  • Her first intuitive hit (and other juicy stories)
  • How she finds a balance between structure and flow during retreats

She also shares her grandma’s piece of wisdom and one of her favorite quotes about feelings.

One of Laura’s favorite ways to connect is over a webinar, so she invites everyone to check her’s out at

Lastly, don’t forget to let us know a nugget you’ve taken away from this awesome episode!  

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