I had the pleasure this weekend of presenting to a group of peers at my mastermind over the weekend about pricing, value and how to stand firm in both.Desire

It was awesome to see the light bulbs go off as people got present to a new way of thinking about how to price themselves, and more specifically how to trust that their pricing is in line with the work they deliver.

We talked about this on our recent webinar, “High-Level Results.” It was the first of the three steps I covered in delivering top-notch value to your clients without making yourself sick delivering, OR getting another certification or degree.

I call it Desire-Based Pricing.

It’s beyond simple, yet not necessarily easy.

It has to do with numbers and absolute clarity.

Here’s how it works.

FIRST, calculate your DESIRE-BASED revenue goal.

The reason this is not necessarily easy is that most people struggle to know their heart-based desires…

Desire comes from the root ‘of the father’ or ‘of spirit.’ Our desires are of spirit, but most people shame their true desires, thinking they shouldn’t want so much or they should be happy with less.

On the flip side, others tend to think they ‘should’ want to make 7-figures or grow an empire when maybe it’s not their true desire. Getting to the heart of the matter is critical to this approach. I have faith in you – you can do it!

Depending on your business, you may want to get a monthly number goal, or potentially a yearly number goal – whichever feels easier to wrap your mind around.

One more quick tip. If your business is $300 K or less, plan to pay yourself HALF of what you take in and reinvest the other half, so if your number is based on what you need for your lifestyle, double that number.

NEXT, determine the NUMBER OF CLIENTS you want in your ideal world, in your ultimate program. Again, come from true desire. Think about what level of support you are giving them, consider the energy you like to give to each client, or if you are doing 1-on-1 work then also calculate the amount of time you’ll need for each client and how much you want to work. I get that you may have offerings at different levels, and my suggestion is to plan to make the bulk of your income from one core offering in the beginning. This give you the freedom and flexibility to test different marketing approaches and initial offerings once your income needs are met.

A quick tip when it comes to # of clients, remember that you want time to work ON your business and also IN your business, so be sure to give yourself at least as much time to market as you set aside for clients.

STEP THREE: Divide. Yup, that easy. Take your revenue goal and divide by number of clients and, that is your rate.

Now you’ve got the rate that is in full alignment with your spiritual truth. No room to doubt it! Now it’s just an exercise in faith!

OK so you now you’re in one of two places. You may be looking at your number feeling like, wow, I can totally do this! The next thing that happens is your subconscious mind will go to work thinking, ‘maybe I should push harder…” Stop it! Hit your goal and enjoy your desire.

OR, you may be in the other place. Oh My Goodness! How could I ever charge that? How will I deliver that value?

Exactly. And that’s where most people get hung up. Yet spirit wouldn’t show you something that wasn’t FOR YOU. So now it’s an inner game in looking at why you are the exact perfect person to do that work. In fact there is no one quite like you to be able to do what you do!

You (and your business) have a unique pulse… it’s literally based on the size, shape, and location of your heart! And that right there is why you are worth it.

If you want to understand your unique business pulse, and feel amazing about charging what you’re worth, join me at next month’s Pulse Retreat in Seattle.

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