“Anyone can slay a dragon, he told me, but try waking up every morning
and loving the world all over again. That’s what takes a real hero.”
~ Brian Andreas

This quote hangs on my wall outside my office, reminding me of what my business is all about.

I have loved learning how to make money in business. I’ve loved knowing I can create whatever life and income I want. But mostly I love knowing that I am a stand for something different in the world. A world where people connect based on love (of each other, of their work, of what’s possible) rather than fear.

In my experience, being able to be loving in the midst of running a business IS what takes a real hero. But it must be done. It’s not just about feeling loving, and it’s not about romantic love, it’s about connection in a space of no judgment.

Take a look at these benefits:

1. Connect with Ideal Clients

I once heard a definition of love that I’ve chosen to keep. Love = accepting another exactly as they are and exactly as they aren’t. This doesn’t mean you need to spend time with them, or be “in love” with them. But it also doesn’t mean that you are trying to fix or change them. It is a lack of judgment.

The biggest mistake I see with people who are “trying to sell” a new client is that they bring judgment into the conversation. They are judging that the prospect’s situation is “wrong,” or that they “need help.” When judgment is in the space, there’s no connection.

2. Confidence and Trust

Loving the world includes loving yourself. When you can love yourself each day, you bring a confidence into your conversations, which lets your clients, prospects, and referral partners know that you are committed and ready to serve. If you lack self-confidence, at some point your doubt will get in the way of delivering on what you promise, and people sense that. When it’s clear you’re committed and confident, you inspire trust in others. I love to partner with and promote people who radiate that deep inner confidence because I know they will deliver.

3. Be a Safe Space for Truth

Depending on the work they do, most people in service-based businesses that are on a mission to make a difference, are doing work that challenges their clients in some way. They grow, change, or even stretch financially. Often for them to be ready to make the decision to invest in your service, your client will need some support from you to work on things that are less than comfortable to discuss with most people. People don’t like to admit when they need help. In a space of love (with love as acceptance), it will be safer for them to admit what they are struggling with so you can help them.

4. Creating What’s Possible

If you can wake up and love the world, day in and day out, you will be looking for what is right about the world, and you’ll quickly see what is possible in any given situation. You’ll tap into your intuition, and a constant stream of creative ideas. You’ll solve business challenges with ease, and resolve your client’s issues quickly as well. You will literally create more of what’s possible.

5. Faith

The biggest “secret to my success” if I get right down to the truth of the matter is faith. Faith is what has had me make bold decisions that have paid off. Faith is what helps me to know with complete certainty that my potential client arrived in my life right on time for me to serve my role in their life. Sometimes we connect for one conversation, and sometimes it’s a coaching agreement, but I always know with certainty that we are meant to work together. Faith also keeps me from the ‘rabbit hole’ I see people get stuck in of questioning and doubting whether they are “good enough” to help their prospect. I know I’m partnering with spirit to get the result. Faith allows me to move past the fear that they might not like me so I can actually help them.

If you don’t have faith that you can deliver based on your commitment, love and passion for your work, and the genius you bring, you will stop yourself from standing for your client’s success.

6. Be an attractive vibration

Love is an extremely high energy state. When you’re in a state of love and passion for yourself and your work, people notice. You’ll attract the type of people who are interested in making changes in life, and moving forward – the types of clients most of my clients want to attract. You’ll be amazed at the connections that come into your space when you’re operating from a place of love!

7. No Resistance

If you can learn to continually wake up every day and generate love – for yourself, for others, and for the world, you create a life of no resistance. Often when people are on a mission to make a difference in the world, they bring a certain level of “fight” into the work that they do. Fighting to right the wrongs of the world, fighting to change people, fighting to be right about how life “should” be. This is inconsistent with love energy, and it creates a resistance within oneself. If you actually solved the problem you perceive, you’d be without purpose, so instead you have to stay stuck and keep fighting. Also you’ll attract people who are also resistant, making sales a challenge!

Bottom line, if you’re generating love for yourself, your clients, your partners, “competitors,” and the world each day, the rest is history. Are you ready to be a real hero?

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