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Welcome to the first episode of the Aligned Entrepreneurs podcast!

Today I’m diving right in with an overview of my Retreat and Grow Rich Business System.

This is a system I’ve been using for years. But it wasn’t until someone asked me how I had been bringing in 4+ new, high paying clients after every retreat that I thought about sharing it.

The purpose of this program (and everything I do) is so that aligned entrepreneurs can make money doing what they were put on this earth to do. This ensures that they can serve their audience well and continue to show up as their best self.

That being said, I encourage everyone to understand the spirit of this system so that they can custom fit it to their and their businesses needs.

This is really about amplifying your message in the world. It’s having a bigger influence, getting it out there in the world, having more impact, making a difference, making more money, amplifying your confidence…all of these things!

What We Talked About

11:26 | The 4 Stages of the Retreat and Grow Rich System.
18:50 | Understanding the 3 offerings you need in your business.
27:01 | How to ensure success of your students long after the retreat ends.
36:45 | Examples of how the RAGR Business System would have worked for 2 entrepreneurs.

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