If you had to name the “rules” by which you currently live, the beliefs that you believe to be true that guide your choices, what would they be?  Are they things like:

  1. Work hard to survive and be of value in life
  2. You must prove your worth
  3. Always have an expert validate what you believe
  4. Don’t risk being wrong
  5. You can’t make money AND be happy
  6. You must compromise a lot to be in a relationship
  7. Don’t get excited or expect too much and you won’t be disappointed
  8. It is wrong and selfish to enjoy life
  9. You must pay attention and be prepared
  10. Hide your emotions, people don’t want to deal with them
  11. Resources are scarce, you must make the most out of what you have
  12. Be smart and figure it out
  13. You will probably be misunderstood

These were actually some of mine that I had inherited or invented during my process of growing up.  I lived by them and was very “successful.”  I was high school valedictorian, I graduated in the top 10% of my chemical engineering class,I got a great job, excelled and looked good, traveled the world, got big raises, etc.  But though living by these rules brought me great things, they did not bring me great freedom.  I was out of touch with my intuitive self, and I was, like a client once said to describe her feeling, living on autopilot according to a program that I didn’t consciously create.

Every idea, thought, or perception we create in our early years (prior to the age of 7) gets embedded directly into our subconscious and we had no capacity to stop it!  However, as adults, we have the ability to reprogram these believes, to re-write our rules to those that empower and serve us, and our purpose here on earth.  I believe that this is part of our challenge on earth, on our journey to discover our personal Truth.

In my personal coaching with clients, we one by one “catch” their old rules or belief systems in action, based on what is currently happening in their lives. We distinguish the Truth about these old rules (they usually make no sense when we see them as adults, but made perfect sense through the eyes of a 5-year-old), in order to discover or create a new person Truth that works for them.  While the coaching process is personal, and each person’s version of their old programming is different, you may have seen yourself in some of my old belief systems above.  Here are some of the Truth statements I took on during my journey:

  1. Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life
  2. You are inherently valuable because you exist
  3. Your view of life is the perfect view for the difference you are here to make
  4. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly (look familiar?)
  5. Whatever work you do, even work that makes you happy, has big value
  6. A relationship is designed to give you more of who you are
  7. Being excited is fun an important, no matter the outcome
  8. To enjoy life is the most responsible thing we can do
  9. It is safe to relax and even miss something
  10. Your emotions are a valuable compass for life you can share with others
  11. Life is abundant, be generous
  12. The answer is already within you, there is nothing to figure out
  13. You speak a clear and perfect message for those who want to hear it

You can probably see, and feel, by the tone of my Truth statements that they are at a much higher energy state.  By living in these Truths I attract abundance and prosperity.  And the best thing is, I can do this just by being me!

  • Which of these statements really resonate with you?
  • What one old “rule” or belief system by which you are currently living would you most like to transform today?
  • Feel free to send it to me in an email to darla@douxcoaching.com – I’ll send you an email coaching response!
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