I had this dream when I got into business. Aside from wanting to make a particular type of difference in the world, I had something else to prove. I wanted to prove that I could work where I want, when I want, and how I want, and with whom I want, and still make money. 

See, in my corporate job I had requested some flexibility to work from home from time to time, because I had a long commute. I was told, “we trust you, but don’t trust everyone, and we have to design for the least common denominator.” 

Flexible WorkingNow, I thought that was just ridiculous and so decided to create my own job with ultimate flexibility. 

In the early days I gave myself a schedule because I quickly learned that people don’t work well with ultimate flexibility. I quickly learned that routine can actually create freedom. A set schedule allows you to make decisions with your time in a way that don’t-pin-me-down flexibility doesn’t. 

So what did I do? 

I designed in maximum variety. I’d have each day look different than the day before (e.g. Monday’s were admin and networking calls, Tuesday’s were writing/ creative days, etc.), and each week was also different (the 3rd week of the month was a client-free month). 

This worked for me and I loved that I knew what I was doing when, and I had tons of variety and control. I even helped my clients create businesses with a similar type of schedule. I loved it… like all good things, until I didn’t. 

Outgrowing Your Love 

Initially I wanted maximum flexibility – to travel and work from anywhere, and have ‘creative freedom’ and visit cool places. Today travel has lost it’s allure (I like it but I also like home now) and I’ve moved most of my client retreats to Denver (which is beautiful). 

But here was my recent ah-ha. 

Going on my 5th year in business over here, my original ‘maximum variety’ schedule was a big fat saboteur of my happiness. 

I was finding myself each week trying to be super-productive on Monday (my previously decadent unscheduled day) so I could get a week’s worth of creating and planning done in one day. Tuesday and Wednesday have been client days, which have often been chock full of calls to the point of ridiculousness so I could maintain what? Maximum variety. Thursdays would often get filled with joint venture calls, calls with team members, or other networking calls. Each evening I’d catch up on emails, and by FridayI’d be too exhausted to think! My team members saw me as inaccessible because when I was in the office I was on the phone, and on the days without calls I was protective of my time. 

Does this sound familiar? 

I’d been riding this routine out since July when I got my office and my first full time employee, each week thinking that next week would be better, yet knowing that delay of joy was the opposite of what I teach. 

I used all my mindset tools to stay peaceful, yet I couldn’t crack the code of why I became too full week after week. 

Then it hit me. I was confined by a past parameter that was no longer relevant. 

(Guys I know this seems obvious, but don’t forget that we are all susceptible to blocks in our awareness and hidden attachments!) 

Back in 2009 as I started my business I was hell bent on proving I could make a unique schedule and be uber-productive. Fast forward to 2013, having a unique schedule was an old dream. My drive to be creative and free is still there, but that which makes me feel creative and free is completely different! 

I’d been tying myself in knots to have a ‘free day’ each week, which I never actually took as free. And, truly, I DON’T WANT a free day. This was the revelation. I love what I do and I want to spend FIVE FULL DAYS A WEEK (at least) doing it! Today it thrills me to have a M-F schedule with weekends off. 

Sound the alarm – for all my uniqueness, I’m perfectly f-ing normal. Smile 

Stages of business 

You will go through different stages of business and be motivated by different dreams. And you can honor them. That’s the beauty of being your own boss. Just stay clear and conscious of those dreams, and why they are motivating you. Be willing to give up old dreams once accomplished in favor to the new ones that will take you to the next level of revenue, and even peace. 

If you find yourself thinking for more than 2-3 weeks in a row that something is not working, if you feel uncomfortable or not in love with your business, get some support in seeing what assumption is in the way. Make a decision to make a change. CLICK HERE for our latest roadblock busting resource!

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