So many people talk about living life differently. About ‘transformation’ and ‘empowerment’ and ‘consciousness’ and ‘healing’ and the like. I love this kind of talk because it changes the world.

However many simply give lip service to the idea, yet ‘go unconscious’ when the rubber meets the road. I know I’ve certainly caught myself doing this.

When I read this article in my inbox this week from my friend and client, the brilliant Renee Li, I loved it so much because it illustrates a real life example of walking the talk of living consciously. The life so many WANT to live is not so simple and straightforward. It takes courage. Would you be able to let your child cry and be in pain, publicly, or would you swoop in and save the day?

You might be surprised by how often you are ‘saving’ people how that truly hurts them in the end. And if you looked deeply this same pattern likely shaped much of the stuff you’re busy healing today.

I loved this story Renee shared about her son and I asked her if I could share it with you as a guest post in this week’s blog article, Save Me From My Tears.

And by the way, Renee has done her best to raise conscious children, and having met them, she is doing a phenomenal job.


The past four days have been C R A Z Y.

First, I lost my voice the night before thanksgiving. Then on Thanksgiving evening right before dinner, my 9 year old cat who has battled disease for seven months collapsed and could no longer stand up on her own. I decided to rush her to the animal ER twenty minutes away while my husband fed the kids their Thanksgiving dinner at home. On the way to the ER, I told my cat, Isis, that it was okay for her to let go and go Home. After saying this, I felt two spirit chills go up my spine.

Upon arriving at the animal ER, I found my Isis without life in her body. She probably released her physical body soon after I told her it was okay to let go (she knew I was okay to let her go then). As I tried to scoop her up, I had to put her back down because I could not bare holding her rigid dead body in my arms. I asked for help from the vet techs inside to bring her in. It was a night of grief and still, my voice was not there. I was unable to speak with my kids the way I wanted to about the death of Isis.

My children ages 6 and 4 knew did know that Isis had gone Home to God and won’t be back with us. Once I got my voice back on Saturday, I was able to ask them if they had any questions about it. My son had questions and was sad about Isis being gone. He was also upset that his Thanksgiving was ruined. Holidays mean so much to the little ones.

This morning, Monday, as I dropped the kids off at school, the first thing the teacher asks him was how was your thanksgiving. At which he replied, my cat died and then went into the details he remembered that night. I got uncomfortable. As I stood there, I found myself trying to divert the conversation and diffuse the energy of sadness.

Only after I walked away, did I realized I was trying to save my son from his tears. And I instinctively knew this was not what he needed. He is almost 7 years old and he has emotions about all that is going on. If he feels he wants to talk about it with friends and teachers, then he should.

With this insight, my thoughts raced to my own childhood when I lost my sister around age 4. My parents must have also tried to save ME from my tears and grief by distracting me towards happier things. Over three decades later, I am still trying to process that old grief around my sister’s death.

I’m not comparing my cat’s death to my sister’s death here. What I am writing about, really, is how we all have some tendency to save our loved ones from their tears OR save ourselves from our own tears.

Do you notice yourself constantly using jokes and laughter to diffuse the sadness for yourself or others?

Do you try to change the conversation and distract towards happier things?

Any time, we choose to look away from the emotion that is there, we actually push it down into our cellular body. And when our bodies are full of these suppressed emotions, it is heavy and our energetic field becomes blocked. A blocked energetic field may filter out the very things that we pray for like love and intimacy, for example.

When we don’t let love and intimacy in to our energy field and experience, it gets hard to attract some of the other things we pray for and work hard to manifest. So much of our heart’s desires are aligned with the energy of love and the Law of Attraction states like can only attract like.  

So, I invite you now to take an honest look at the old tears you have yet to shed?

What heaviness can you release now so you can let the “LIGHT” in and receive answers to your prayers and desires?

Explore how you can let more love and intimacy in your life.

Observe when you try to save others from their tears and pause to simply stand back.

Try and see how old tears un-shed may be blocking you from the life you truly want.

The healing journey can be a long one. It can also be tough to see the root of blocks if it is very deeply rooted. While I have been doing my own inner work and healing for the past 16 years, it has been the years when I worked with a coach or teacher/mentor where I made the most forward progress shedding thick layers of grief and old emotional imprints.

Get support on your own healing journey and see how you can open up your life to bring in more peace, joy, freedom and success in your business.

About Renee Li
Renee is a Soul Purpose Success Mentor supporting the new generation of spiritual teachers. In her work, Renee helps clients align with their Divine Blueprint, show up in the world as the powerful leader they are, and attract Soul clients. Learn more about Renee and her upcoming “Signal Your Soul Clients” retreat here.

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