By Karen Fagan of Feel Amazing Now

Karen Fagan | Feel Amazing NowHands up to all you rebels! I used to be the world’s biggest rebel and now I am a refined rebel. 🙂

Simply put, a refined rebel is a powerful woman who only rebels to fully expand her life, relationships, business, sensuality, well-being, wealth, etc. She rebels in a way that completely enhances every morsel of her life. Rather than rebel; rebel in such a way that hurts her life, keeping her exactly where she doesn’t want to be as in broke, struggle, overwhelm, overweight and unhappy.

The moment I created the transformation from a rebel to a refined rebel is the exact process that upleveled my entire life and business. It’s the exact reason why I am in love with my life and run a multiple six-figure company. Lori, I want you to have anything you desire so read and apply this rule a okay?

I used to say, screw the rules (all of them).

Especially if I didn’t “feel like it”. You know just not feeling like it. I don’t feel like doing (fill in the blank).

I would procrastinate.

Tell myself that certain things didn’t apply to me.

My mindset and who I was being definitely needed to be refined. How I was behaving was not aligned with how people behave who had what I desired.

Then one day I woke up and realized my inner rebel was causing less than desirable results. I noticed the following:

  • I’d take way too long to get things done.
  • Not getting things done made me wonder if I really had what it took to do what I desired most.
  • I’d sit there and know what I needed to do to advance my life and business but I didn’t.
  • I needed a coach but resisted someone telling me what to do.
  • I would get caught up in the “how” which only paralyzed me. It was my excuse to not take action and go do something else – usually that something else didn’t move me any closer to my goals.
  • I was not productive.
  • I was resistant.
  • I was afraid.
  • I was not happy.
  • I would procrastinate, get distracted, and do the things my inner rebel told me to do.
  • I was broke.
  • I was struggling.
  • I ate too much sugar.
  • I was miserable.
  • I realized my inner rebel was not working for me. Honestly, my inner rebel was screwing me over and keeping me exactly where I didn’t want to be.

I wondered what it was going to take to turn things completely around.

That was the moment I refined my inner rebel. I got honest that something needed to change. Then I created one powerful rule that when applied will shift everything for you.

Funny, a rebel creating a rule, right?

This rule is called the 7-Minute Rule: It’s so simple and so profound. It’s the one rule that channeled all my rebel energy into really positive, juicy, successful and productive energy.

How to apply the 7-Minute Rule to Your Life:

When you are faced with something to do, that by doing this will advance your life, well being, business etc. forward than all of sudden you find yourself not doing it! You perhaps may have overwhelming feelings and you start to doubt yourself, tell yourself you can’t do it, question your abilities to make it happen, find yourself feeling like you don’t want to do it, feel too tired, or unsure. Especially use this rule if you hear yourself say “I think…I will do this tomorrow”. Tomorrow never happens, trust me on this one!

Here’s how it works. You give yourself permission to do the task for only seven minutes. If after seven minutes you still don’t want to do it, you stop. It may look like this:

You want to exercise but don’t feel like it. You put your exercise clothes on and head out to the yoga class or gym, walk or run and if after seven minutes once you start exercising you don’t want to or still don’t feel like it you stop and you freely give yourself permission to stop. It won’t happen – mark my words, you will keep going.

In seven minutes you can warm up to anything. Trust me on this one.

If you know making sales calls to prospective clients or making calls to get booked speaking gigs will be the exact thing to accelerate your income but you just don’t like it or feel like it or you don’t know what to say or who to call. Apply the seven-minute rule ~ just start calling. Same for exercise just start moving your body. Just start.

Here is the magic of this rule. The transformation always happens in the decision. The decision of applying the seven minute rule to your life takes you out of the not doing. Once you start doing, mark my words you won’t stop. Why? Because inside you are truly doing what you want to do! Nothing feels more amazing than actually doing all the things we say we want to do! Yes, if you want to be in great shape, increase your sales, up your speaking. etc. The only struggle is deciding not to start and listening to the monkey mind or allowing yourself to turn your back on the exact thing you said you wanted. If you just allow yourself seven minutes then all that will be a non-issue.

Negative emotions are a clue. The best way to make a shift from feeling any negative emotion such as frustrated, crappy, overwhelmed, or doubtful is to apply the seven-minute rule and just start. You are one decision away from shifting into the unstoppable, positive energy flowing and getting a whole lot done!

Apply the seven minute rule that will rock your world!


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