ShineI recently attended a little entrepreneurial conference called SHINE.  Just kidding – it’s a pretty BIG conference actually.  I had a great time meeting a host of amazing entrepreneurs.  I also learned a thing or two.  But, quite honestly, I ONLY learned a thing or two.


Because of the phase of my business I am in, and my current area of focus.  I am growing with my private clients and the current programs I offer.  I am loving what I do and focusing on being really great at it.  I am giving my signature speeches wherever I can, and onboarding a new Virtual Assistant who will take many of my current time-eaters off of my plate.  I have learned how do these things that I am currently practicing, I’ve learned a ton in the last year, and right now I have no space to add something new.

You might say that I missed out on a lot of information, and you’d be right. But I know myself, and I have learned to recognize what I need and when… what builds my energy and what depletes it.  And learning about all of the things I’m NOT doing depletes me!

Here is an example. I listened to a social media panel in which each panel participant had a very clear opinion about what we all “should” be doing to be doing social media “right.”  Each expert had clearly earned their stripes and had every right to have these opinions.  However, the effect this panel had on ME was to remind me of all kinds of things “to do” that I’m just not quite ready to do yet.  This did not build my energy, but quite frankly stressed me out!

See, I know that what serves me, for the way in which I operate, is to systematically learn and master one thing at a time.  Social media, one platform at a time, is coming soon, but isn’t here yet.  And I trust that the moment I need to master something, the right resource will appear.  When I caught myself feeling this, I chose to “check out” mentally and protect my energy, which is way more important than acquiring more future knowledge.

Trying to learn everything all at once often comes from fear – that if I don’t do it all perfectly now I will fail.  But you need to, of course, check in with what’s true for you, because we each have different mechanisms for what builds or depletes us.

I spoke with another amazing entrepreneur who was very clear and focused about what was next for her.  She told me something like this, “I have learned all I need to know for now, and I don’t need to learn any more.  Now all there is is to get out of my own way, and find the people I need and go do it.  That is what I’m here for.”

Wise woman.

And you?

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