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And she said, What’s the next thing you’re going to do?” And I said, “All I see is a map with a heart on it, but I can’t see the map underneath,” and she’s like, “Well, just take a peek at it. Just see if you can take a peek,” and I went to see if I could take a peek at it and it wouldn’t move` and I have to say that I was really relieved because I knew that I was not going down my path.

– Monica Kenton

Darla LeDoux: Hello and welcome to this episode of Retreat and Grow Rich, the podcast. This is Darla LeDoux. I’ll be your host today and I am bringing you one of my dear friends, someone that I’ve actually invited in to my retreat, which is for me it means a lot. It’s a very special and sacred space and her name is Monica Kenton. Welcome, Monica.

Monica Kenton: Welcome. Welcome… Hello. Thank you so much for having me. Welcome everybody. Yes, it’s so exciting to be here. It really is. Thank you.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah, so guys, Monica is a dream teacher shaman, spiritual advisor for life and business. She’s a writer and an entrepreneur. She helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals consciously break free of beliefs, patterns, and habits that have kept them from their highest potential for years so that they can create the life and business of their wildest dreams and she combines all kinds of cool things that we’re going to learn a lot about that today, but her unique spiritual and energetic principles from dreaming, numerology, shamanism, and a variety of other modalities with concrete, modern day strategies to create rapid transformation while having more fun. Yay.

I love this. I’ve worked with you on my numerology and various things as a client myself and I love the way you bring them together in a way that’s really accessible for people and I know you work with driven high achievers and those are the types of people that sometimes, I’ll speak for myself, Monica, and I think we’ve had a similar journey to this, which I’m sure will come up, is being a driven high achiever. It’s like, Oh I got to do business right, right? I got to get in, I got to get all the best information. I’ve got to do business right and sometimes that drive is what our soul really wants or what we’re really being called to do. So you really help people with that.

Monica Kenton: Yes, I do because I’ve gotten caught… Yeah, I could totally relate with everything that you’re talking about because I am one of those purpose-driven high achievers as well and I’ve been on those paths where it was like, okay, this is how you do marketing, this is how you do sales, this is how you do things and I was able to fit into that box for a little bit right?

And things worked out and then all of a sudden it crashed and burned because anybody who’s a purpose-driven high achiever or a purpose driven entrepreneur has to go that part of alignment, which is what you talk about all the time and without being aligned to our soul and our heart’s desire, then eventually it falls flat and what happens then is the high achievers, it’s like, well, I did everything I was told to, I did all of this X, Y, and Z, but forget, I know for myself that it was all of a sudden I realized, I wasn’t going down my track or my lane. I was going down somebody else’s track that they thought was better for me but they didn’t know how to access and help me to access more of the information to my soul and my heart.

Darla LeDoux: Wow. I love the way you phrase that. They didn’t know how to help you access that, right? And so they just said, this is the path. Follow the path I followed and I’ve been talking about this for years, this idea of someone can hand you their seven figure business plan and it’s no good if it’s not your plan, yet talking about it and knowing that is different than walking it in a lot of ways. So you come from the academic background of being a university professor and kind of going on that track and then making the leap into entrepreneurship and then what feels like another leap into kind of doing it your way. Can you tell people a little bit about that journey?

Monica Kenton: Yeah, so I had been at the university of Minnesota for 21 years. I was teaching Spanish language and also a supervisor there and super into, I loved teaching, loved helping people to do their own thing and started to feel like things were shifting and changing. It felt like I was invisible in the hallways. It felt like my soul had already made a jump forward somewhere and I was feeling like my job was dying to me. That’s what I tell people because I knew that something was shifting and I couldn’t really tell and so the moments where people weren’t recognizing me or they weren’t asking me to participate in certain projects and they weren’t really projects that I wanted to do anyhow, but I was just like they’re ignoring me but I realized that my soul had already gone somewhere else. So I then knew-

Darla LeDoux: Wow! I’ve never heard anyone describe it that way. That’s amazing.

Monica Kenton: Yeah and it really does when people hearing that, when I describe it that way, they’re like, “Oh yeah, that’s what happened to me,” and you can kind of know that and I’ve known that for various different shifts and changes for myself that sometimes I’ll say, “Oh yeah, my soul already took that jump and it’s leading me on this path.” So for me at that moment I had been into as an extra kind of side piece for myself, doing stuff with shamanic work, seeing people’s lives radically change and shift and doing other things with numerology and all of that and I realized I needed to learn about business because one of the things about bringing the spiritual work out there is that if I’m wanting people to understand and to embrace the spiritual and soul than I knew I needed to embrace everything business and money and that’s one of the things that-

Darla LeDoux: So you were really conscious of that like I want to be able to take this stuff that I know I’m really called to and make it a real business.

Monica Kenton: Right. Right and I think that’s one of the things. I know being in that whole spiritual realm, I would hear myself and others saying well, I want to really help this person who’s making a huge difference in the world. I want to help business people. I want to help people do this using my spiritual abilities, but I have to walk my talk and so I have to know their world just as much as… For them to accept my world and so that’s one of the things I knew that I needed to access. So I found this business program and it called to me there were talking about changing the world and making the world a different place and I was like, oh yeah, that’s totally what I’m up for.

So I decided to do that and to make those shifts and changes and so started really looking at the business. I rebranded my business and base changed the name, changed all of those things based on what somebody else was saying was right for me and at that moment, I was going through that, that worked all right and at the same time I was just like this seems really strange, but I had never been in business before. So it was this new experience. So I changed my business, worked on the website, changed all of that, started getting clients and I also had made a goal because I had already felt that I was already not meant to be a Spanish teacher anymore and I put a goal that within four months I would replace my income or else I would go for a full another year in my job as well as build the business.

Within four months, like a day before, I had replaced my income and so then I quit my job and I was super excited, right? Because it’s just like I’ve created this business and now it can sustain me but there was a piece of me that got really lost when I left the job because that had been 21 years of my life and so now it was just like wait a minute. I had to get used to with business being able to be paid more than twice a month and so there were a lot of mindset pieces, a lot of spiritual pieces that were never talked about in the business coaching I was going through that I needed to really figure out who I was and so I did that for quite some time.

I combined the shamanic work with the business building pieces and helped people in things and about two years later it crashed and all the money just kind of disappeared. I was doing really, really well and it crashed. I started having some really deep, profound spiritual experiences and I knew that I needed to leave and my blood pressure went up 20 points and I was just like, my heart isn’t in this and that’s when I left that business building and realized that I needed to get back to my soul. That somehow I had lost who I was and I was really good at helping other people to find their thing and do that but then having somebody be able to do that for myself as well and-

Darla LeDoux: Yeah, it’s not the same when it’s your own stuff.

Monica Kenton: Exactly. Exactly. So going through that piece and realizing there’s this pivotal moment where I was talking with my business coach and she said, “What’s the next thing you’re going to do?” And I said, “All I see is a map with a heart on it, but I can’t see the map underneath,” and she’s like, “Well, just take a peek at it. Just see if you can take a peek,” and I went to see if I could take a peek at it and it wouldn’t move and I have to say that I was really relieved because I knew that I was not going down my path and over the next three years as I stepped into more of the deeper spiritual work I do, I realized that what I was doing is not unveiling what that map was, but that I was recovering all of those pieces of me that I hadn’t brought into alignment and that’s one of the things that I help people with because it happens in this business worlds where it’s just like, build it this way, do it this way.

We lose pieces of ourselves along the way and we need to bring those back in order to be whole again.

Darla LeDoux: Yes. So when you were talking earlier about being in the hallway at university and nobody can hear me, right? Like they’re just not seeing, they’re not hearing and I was thinking, I know I’ve experienced that in different ways, maybe not the same way that you’re describing, but in business where something stops working, that was working and stops or something starts working that wasn’t working right and pending on the shift and that phrase, it’s like people can’t hear me and I know people experienced that a lot, especially when it comes to marketing their retreat. They feel like they’re putting it out there, putting it out there, but people aren’t hearing them and I’m thinking back to what you said, my soul has already moved on and did that feel true also when your business crashed?

Monica Kenton: Yeah. It really did. It had already on because going back in hindsight, I realized that I really was meant to only be there two years, learn what I needed to learn and move on and because everything was going so well, I was just like, I’ll just stay a little longer and not listening to the intuitive nudge within me to do that. But yeah, my soul had definitely taken a leap and it’s just like, if you’re wanting to do this, you come with me. So yeah.

Darla LeDoux: Awesome. So tell me a little bit about retreats and how have retreats played a role for you both as a participant and also as a leader and I know you just came back from leading some different retreats and workshops.

Monica Kenton: Yeah, so I love the whole thing of retreats because it is able to get out of the mind and actually become more engaged in an experience and to experience what is possible and one of the things when people are doing, for example, one on ones with somebody or one on one coaching, is you only get one perspective of the person that you’re speaking with and in the retreat setting, there is the ability to have all kinds of other people there and when it’s a retreat that’s hosted from that way, from that spiritual perspective, from that soul aligned perspective, the people there are all, what I say, clues for another person. So we’re all people who show up and so even though there’s people who say, “Well, I’m not really sure if I’m meant to be at this retreat,” everybody is a clue for somebody else. Something that they get to release as well as something more so probably that they get to claim and that’s what I really love about the experience and sometimes it’s like the retreats, yes, we can get the information that we get-

Darla LeDoux: The teacher.

Monica Kenton: Yeah, the teacher things and all of that and that will satisfy the mind and I need that for myself personally as well as I know other people who I teach need some of that mind piece but it’s those moments where it’s like getting together for lunch or getting together at the breaks or somebody says something, this happens. Even like when I was doing this last retreat, I was giving a one day and there was a woman who was talking about certain challenges that were going on in her life and at various different times throughout the day. She was talking about it and every time she spoke, there was a hummingbird that came to the hummingbird feeder behind her every time she spoke and so we talked about the power of hummingbird medicine. Now that can’t really happen in a one-to-one call, but seeing it over and over and everybody else seeing it, it’s just like giving that reinforcement for her that she has somebody who has her back, right? And that happens in these retreats. That’s what I love, experiential groups like that.

Darla LeDoux: I have more and more started bringing the spiritual component to the forefront even with working with our retreat leaders. So obviously that’s a part of what guides me and it’s a part of what guides my one-on-on clients and when we’re teaching retreats, there’s a lot of practical things that people need to learn that we talk about as well but that piece of, when you can really understand it from the big picture, I love the way you talked about it as clues, it’s always the right people and our ego wants it to be a certain number of people or to make a certain amount of money or to look a certain way on Instagram or whatever it is but it’s always the right people and that’s a great way to think about it as each person is playing a role in putting this puzzle together.

Monica Kenton: Yeah and it makes it more fun too, realizing that we’re all in it together, right?

Darla LeDoux: Totally. I would say it actually is Monica. How I learned to really deeply believe and trust in spirit because I was leading retreats and as a former engineer, I was called to this work. So there was a level of connection with spirit to do this work and become a coach and to know I’m following my divine purpose.

Monica Kenton: Yeah and that’s one of the things that I’ve really admired watching your path, how much you really just did that and followed that and continued to put all of those retreats and all of those things out there, because that is totally following spirit, totally following alignment, right?

Darla LeDoux: Yeah. So I remember having a conversation with you a while ago when I was going to Tulum for the first time and you talked to me a little bit about the land and what you were sensing from the land in that area for me specifically. Let’s talk about that because you’ve had experiences where the land didn’t want you there. You’ve had experiences where the land supported you and this is a piece that we don’t talk about very often, right? We talk about the venue and we talk about the features and the food and can you talk about how the land influences an experience for people?

Monica Kenton: Yeah, so one of the things exactly when a couple of the pieces that you were talking about is that there are moments that the land might be saying, hey, no, we don’t want you there or we do want you there or this is going to be a great experience for helping to expand what’s happening but the land does hold imprints. It holds historical imprints. It holds imprints of what’s happening and going on and so when we go to a place, there’s a couple of things that happen. It’s really getting clear on boundaries.

Boundaries are a huge piece for everybody to be super clear on boundaries of why we’re there and what other energies might be showing up and being able to be clear on that piece and then also with that is knowing that we can be helped by the energy of the land as well but like I said, having the boundaries is a huge one and then also understanding what’s going on for ourselves personally because there’s a lot of personal growth work and I know this is something you teach a lot with the retreats is that there’s a lot of personal growth work that goes forward.

So say for example, when I first experienced this whole thing with the land, I ended up in a crazy area in upstate New York, not for a retreat but for something else that I was doing. And there were spirits all over wanting to connect with me because I was the only one who could see them and I was the only one who could help them. Now being the giving loving person I am, I was an over-giver at that moment. I was an over-giver in my business. I was an over-giver in so many different areas that I was also over-giving to the spirits of the land and that wasn’t my responsibility to take care of all of that.

So, that’s one of the pieces that people need to learn as well is that there are going to be a lot of energy, spirits calling for people to say, “Hey, will you come and help me?” And it’s getting super clear on what is the reason that we’re there and doing what we’re there to do and realizing that whatever it is, say for example, if I’m giving a retreat on love, the theme is love or something like that. Knowing that in that process, by having those boundaries super clear and working with the people that I’m here to work with, that that energy that we’re bringing into that area is going to infuse that place with more of the energy that we’re bringing in. So we don’t have to take on all of the challenges, the pains, the struggles that are happening and I find sometimes that people aren’t super aware of that piece of the energy of the land and the energy of the ancestors.

I had a dream a while back where there was something happening and it was talking about a place that I was going to go and do a workshop, do a retreat, and in the dream there were all of these spirits coming towards me and I just said, you know what? If you want to connect with these people, you tell them to take the retreat. You tell them to take this experience because that’s a piece too. There are certain people who are meant to take our retreats, take our workshops, take these live experiences to connect in with their wisdom and it’s not for us to take care of it all ourselves, though knowing that everybody has a piece and so wherever we are in the world, there are so many things there to make an impact there to make an energetic difference and also we’re there to be clear on our boundaries and also we’re there because some other people might have some connection to the land that they need to uncover for as well.

Darla LeDoux: One of our past clients did a retreat and people came from all over. It was out of the country actually and someone there got sick and they ended up at the hospital and one of the people volunteered to go with and support and they ended up in the same hospital room that this supporter person’s loved one had died in at the retreat. So it’s like that couldn’t have been planned.

Monica Kenton: No, exactly and that is that power, right? And that’s that power of being able to hold that sacred container to let those things happen so that healing across time, across countries, across everything can happen. Wow, that’s a really powerful story.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah. So Monica, what advice would you give someone when they’re doing site selection first? So we’ll start with that and then once they get there, how do you honor the land and the ancestors in this process?

Monica Kenton: So a few of the pieces is, first of all, just whatever it is, obviously, that the person is wanting to share with the world. That’s that experience, that retreat that they’re bringing out to the world and then really connecting in with where is that place that’s showing up for them and then take some time to really meditate on it and figure out what is it really about and connecting in and asking the land, is that a place for you? Is that a welcoming place for you? Understanding those pieces, like for example, in Tulum, I know there’s been a lot of people who have done, not necessarily with the spiritual retreats, that has been fine, but there’s been other people who’ve built businesses and things there that end up tanking because they didn’t ask the spirits, they didn’t ask the ancestors. So part of it is doing that dreaming on it, that meditation on it to ask that piece.

The other piece is to be really aware of personal boundaries and if there’s a lot of boundary issues going on in life in general with family and friends and all of that, to really get those sealed up before going on some type of-

Darla LeDoux: Can you say more about that like if you’ve had an experience where you didn’t do that and showed up on retreat?

Monica Kenton: So for me, it was more in that one place that I went that I was talking about. It hasn’t shown up so much for me on retreat, but it has shown up in that one place where I thought I was going to write a book and I just went blindly being like this is where I’m meant to be. All the signs lined up, everything was working out, but I didn’t totally know what was happening and I didn’t connect in with that space and so when I went there, I felt completely like I was going crazy because there was so much information coming at me and I think that that for me was more of the extreme so that I can teach it to others but what starts to happen is people start to second guess or it’ll be like the signs told me this or that and when we’re high achievers like I wanted to write my book. So I’m going to and the signs. It’s like, that was great. That was great.

I forgot that at first it didn’t work but then it did. Are we trying to push things because we want to do it there or are we really getting the nudge to someplace else that might not be as sexy, right? As far as a retreat place or something like that. But it feels more calming. So that’s another thing. It’s really checking in with that calm aspect and so one of the things is connecting with the heart.

Does it feel good, does it feel peaceful and I know for myself, being a high achiever, it’s like boom, boom, boom. I want it my way and I know the way, I know the path, but getting back in and it can be like an exhilaration in the heart, but if it’s going intense like rapidly, it might be, no, it can be at this calm space in the heart and that’s kind of a way of really gauging if it’s right into disengage the mind of where we think we need to go and who knows? Maybe that place will be a place we’ll go to later on, but we might need the spiritual growth to hold the energy of why we’re going there.

Darla LeDoux: I love that. Yes. We were just on a call with my clients today and we were talking about this. There’s someone who is also high achiever, gets the vision and then her brain takes over and maps it out and I was like, I so know right where you are and what I found is when I’m really tuned in, it’s like, it’s a slower pace. Spirit doesn’t give me like, do this, do this, do this, do this. It’s kind of like one little thing and then the next little thing. So I love that. Yeah, when we have bent the signs.

Monica Kenton: Oh yeah and that always tends to put me in a whole different trajectory. Yeah.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah. So this is coming up. I want to share, I just did some site selection for a retreat that I have that’s coming up in December and I got a vision. I tuned in and I got this vision and I didn’t know where it was, but it looked like the California coast. So I’m like checking in is that where it is and so we happened to be going on a road trip, so I’m like I’m just going to drive up the coast and wait for this space to speak to me, right? And I also did a lot of researching, looking for places like a lot, right? Like my head is like let’s find the place. And I didn’t find it, didn’t find it. It was like that’s not it and then all of a sudden I found this place and it looked perfect. It was so amazing. So I’m like, okay, I’m going to go there and check it out. I’m going on this trip.

And I got there and like the communication with the owner was a little weird and a little bit, you talked about boundaries, like a little bit of not good boundaries in communication. So that was a little red flag but I go and I’m like overlooking it because this place is amazing. It’s like perfect number of bedrooms and bathrooms and views and just fantastic but I couldn’t, it was like, it just didn’t feel right. This communication with this person and he had built this property himself and eventually, I went, let me just check-in. Does the land want us here? And actually someone had asked me that, well, does the land want you there? And I checked in and it was a clear no, whether it’s the land’s not ready, he’s not ready. There’s something in this that it’s a clear no.

And so I ended up finding a place that was not even where I thought it would be. That feels so good, right? And this whole journey took me there. So now I have the place and it feels really good. What would you recommend from this space to be responsible and accountable to the place that you know has chosen us?

Monica Kenton: So, first of all, I love that story and it really exemplifies what you were saying before that if you wouldn’t have taken that first action and checked out that first place, the second place wouldn’t have shown itself, right? So being in that place, a few of the things, what I like to do is really just even opening up sacred space before I even get there. So, opening up that space saying we’re going to be coming here and to be, and not to invade the privacy of anybody else who is there, right? But just opening that space and saying we are going to be coming there and bringing that energy and then also realizing then opening space when I get there and really connecting in with the energy of the land and what does it want and it might want a certain offering. It might want flowers, it might want a tobacco offering, something like that but offering something that says, hey, I recognize that you are doing a huge piece of this transformation as well.

And then being conscious of all of that and I like to do at the end of some type of a retreat or some type of a thing of making sure that we’re giving energy back to the land, right? And so that whole thing of, yes, we’ve done this thing personally, we’ve done this thing for other people and how are we a part of this collective shift and being able to give back to the land and be grateful.

Darla LeDoux: That’s so beautiful. I love it. Our last retreat like this, we also found, like you were talking about the hummingbird, that there was so much medicine from the animals on the land and every single person had a personal totem by the end that interacted with them on retreat. One woman had a tarantula outside her room every day. Some of us were like, “Oh I’m glad that’s not me,” but that was her medicine. How do you bring some of these more shamanic principles into the way you lead and why is that so important especially for entrepreneurs who maybe aren’t practicing that regularly?

Monica Kenton: Right. So I had done a lot of shamanic work where I would do sessions on people and all of those and what I’ve been doing now is more of shamanic dreaming. So helping people to understand that we’re dreaming both during the day as well as night. So honoring the signs, the animals that show up, the conversations that we overhear as well as the dreams that we might have at night and then the journeys that I’ll lead people on, which are also actively ways of working with the dreams. One of the things people love the whole concept of shamanism and make it out to be this amazing, shamanism is amazing. However, sometimes people think that it has to be so inaccessible that there is, I can only do it on the weekend or I can only do it here, but shamanism at its core is about getting to the core of who we are. That is the simplicity of it.

And so we can give it different names and different things but it’s about getting to the core of who we are and being in balance with both the energy of the land with mother earth as well as with the energy of God’s spirit universe and keeping those in alignment. So when people are entrepreneurs, a lot of times they might be enchanted with it, talking about, “Oh yeah, I want to be able to do this on the weekend,” because they don’t see that it’s easier to be able to incorporate it into everyday life to just be who they’re meant to be and that is shamanism. So I bring it into more of a practice called active dreaming where everything is alive because that is shamanic principles. Everything is alive. Those animals, even the place that you choose, right? To do a retreat is alive. That energy is alive.

So working with dreams, I teach people to work with their dreams at night but also to understand the signs and then to be able to interact with them. So not having it be static, like say for a journey where it would be saying, oh, this means that I would have people actually connect in with that tarantula and say, what is that medicine for you? Or that squirrel, how are you going to connect in and giving them tools to actively work with it so that it’s a powerful partnership because all of these are powerful partnerships that we have the ability to access but so often, if we get in our mind we think we made it up and that is the challenge of the entrepreneur, is that whole piece of saying I just made it up and then it lets go all of the transformation because it is real.

So, I teach people how to honor that real world that so often society has told us is only made up, but actually we’re always making up everything and so let’s make the best story possible instead of the one that we don’t want, right?

Darla LeDoux: Yeah. I’m imagining people listening, I know I was in this place of like… I’m imagining people knowing that these signs are real, right? And that signs show up in the container of a retreat, and like I said earlier, that’s actually what sold me on this whole where we’re truly guided. Was watching these things happen over and over again and I knew within me that it wasn’t an accident like that person you’re sitting next to who had that happened to them, that is God, right? What guidance do you have for someone who’s not a shaman, who maybe they’re doing wellness retreats or something like that and they’re not overtly spiritual? How do you suggest someone present this idea of paying attention to the things that are happening and that you’re not making it up and that it’s real? How do you get people bought into that?

Monica Kenton: Well, first of all, I would start out saying that all of us dream. All of us have dreams at night. So we all have a commonality. Whether we remember them or not is one thing but one of the ways that what I would tell people is, first of all, they do need to have the belief that there is a God spirit universe, some type of divine principle at work and because there is that divine principle at work, that source wants us to live the easiest and most joyful life. So why wouldn’t they be putting signs out there?

So I have people start out with stuff that’s really easy. Not saying, “What’s my life purpose,” or something like that where they can get caught in their head saying, “Well, I made that up,” but more of what should I eat tonight or where should I go tomorrow or what’s the next action I need to take or even playing certain types of games of thinking of certain things and then seeing how it follows through.

I’ll also share different examples of people throughout history who have created amazing things in businesses, amazing inventions based on a sign that they had or a dream that they had or something like that because then it has a tangible quality and then making it fun. It has to be fun because if it’s too heady, then it takes away the magic.

So being able to say to people, okay, put out an intention. What do you want? An answer? Give yourself a time frame and look for the first three or four answers. It can come in a song. A lot of times it comes in a song. Somebody says something like that and then with that just have them see that and once they see that they’re really connected, then it becomes more fun and then they can go into different ways but I find that the people who have the challenges are the ones at times who are afraid that saying spiritual might mean that they have to do it in a way that they’ve already seen it done and not honoring their own traditions and we can honor, be it God, be it spirit, be it universe, whatever our connection is, we can access it in the way that is honoring our faith and our beliefs.

Darla LeDoux: It sounds like you’re really giving people permission to like try it and play with it. You don’t have to go to school for shamanism for four years and lead a formal ceremony to start to play with it.

Monica Kenton: Totally and that’s what I tell people because they’ll say, “Well I don’t want to do what you’re doing,” and it’s like good because that’s what I’m doing. It’s not what you’re meant to do. Very few people are going to be called into that space of holding the shamanic space but that doesn’t mean that we can’t work with things as being alive and giving us clues and hints and then doing our own thing and that’s I think where people get caught up is if I do the shamanic thing, then I have to be a shaman or I have to go through the three year training or I have to do that. Very few people will be called to do that but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and also realize that everything is alive, helping us to live our best lives so that we can help others live their best lives.

Darla LeDoux: Love it. So Monica, tell people how they can learn more about you. I know you have a gift for people and you also, you’re in the midst of launching a new course, which I think sounds super interesting. So tell us a little bit about how we can continue to follow your work.

Monica Kenton: Yes. So you can go to and there is There’s a free gift to be able to understand more about what I was talking about with active dreaming. I also am very active on Facebook. I like to do Facebook lives and all of that kind of stuff and the four day that I’m going to be launching is be bold four day active dreaming experience for high achievers, live the life you really want and it’s a four day experience for people to get out of their way to use principles of active dreaming and to connect in with their future self and a few other fun things to all of a sudden say, wow, in four days I can really move the needle forward, get out of my brain and step into my soul. And that’s a four day experience at

Darla LeDoux: And that’s a virtual experience?

Monica Kenton: It’s a virtual experience, a four day online experience. There’s going to be a journey with it as well as different things to take action on. I’m doing it live with people, but then it’s going to end up being a consistent one that people can access and go through that transformation and say, “Wow, this was able to happen in four days. What would happen if I made this more of a practice?”

Darla LeDoux: I love it. I love it. I can’t wait. Thank you, Monica. Is there anything you want to leave people with?

Monica Kenton: So just leaving people with that we’re always given the opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves possible, to be the person that our vision requires and to know that when we’re being called to do these retreats and connect in with these places and bring in these people, it’s a divine calling and we might end up doing some of the work to be that person that that vision requires and it’s so worth it and it’s almost… I see the phrase behind you, enjoy the journey and that’s what I would say. It’s an amazing journey to be the best version of ourselves possible and it can be fun and light-filled as well.

Darla LeDoux: I love it. I love it. Thank you so much. You are just such an amazing human being and I’m so honored to know you and I really, really appreciate that you stepped onto your own path Monica.

Monica Kenton: Thank you and thanks for having me on. It’s been a pleasure. It really has.

Darla LeDoux: You’re welcome. All right, everyone, we’ll see you in the next episode.

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