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Today we’re digging into one of my favorite things to talk about… selling transformation.

Please note, I’m using the word “selling” intentionally, but you can also call it inviting or offering.

This 7 step system is everything you need to know to sell in a way that creates transformation for your clients rather than just disseminating information.

As coaches and retreat leaders, it’s necessary for us to take a sale past a transaction.

We have to have a unique way of approaching sales, which can be a great thing! But it can also leave us crippled when thinking about price points and service offerings. In this episode, I walk you through my 7-step system for selling transformation.

Transformation is a shift in the way you view the world, that causes a change in your behaviors and the way you show up in the world.”

We’ll talk about…

  • Recognizing and defining transformation
  • The energy levels of transformation (also in episode 4)
  • Creating a permanent shift
  • Understanding your pricing
  • Knowing the true value of transformation
  • Talking to a potential client’s soul and ego (more about this in episode 3)
  • Understanding that your tools are secondary (Like I say, context over content!)

I’ll also share a sample conversation you can have with someone when their ego is butting in and trying to control the sales call.

Finally, I’ll share a story about my first interaction with true transformation, and how that permanent shift forever impacted the way I interact with the world. It also impacts the way I view my services and prices.

Once you’ve listened to this episode, be sure to let us know a nugget you’ve taken away!

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