It breaks my heart when I talk with entrepreneurs who know they are called to big things, and they are waiting to be hit over the head before they take the steps to make them happen! And they choose to do what I did for years: read books and get advice from people who are giving it away for free, and struggle inside to find their voice. Meanwhile they avoid anyone who can give them what they really need because A) they don’t want to face the change it requires or B) they think it needs to look a certain way.

There are two areas I want you to think about here.
  1. Ideas, sparks of ideas, or inner nudgings about what to offer or teach or how to market in your business that you have ignored.
  2. Opportunities to get support and work with people who have unique expertise about where you want to go that you have allowed to pass you by.

I want to share a story here – I’ve heard it before and read it again recently in Debbie Ford’s Dark Side of the Light Chasers. It was begging me to share with you this week.

Because I almost ignored the marketing/ teaching/ business idea that called me to invest in a video day at Hell Yeah Studios. My mind found all kinds of ways to talk myself out of it, as if it was a bad idea. I came up with at least 3 other ideas between the time I made the decision and last week when I filmed my videos, each one threatening to pull me off track.

We often ignore our opportunities to be lifted to higher ground by way of ignoring our gut knowing and the divine intervention that comes in the form of a well-time investment opportunity. We tell ourselves we’ll think about it, pray for clarity, or meditate on it. Yet all results require action. Quantum results require action without understanding.

Prayer without action is not prayer, it’s dreaming. How can God (the Universe, Source, Spirit, Energy) help us if we won’t help ourselves? I once heard a story of a man who had a deep faith in God. He was often heard telling his friends that his chaotic life would work out because God would take care of him. One day a huge storm caused serious flooding in the town where this man lived. While other members of the community packed their belongings and fled, the man stayed put, believing that God would take care of him. The water began to seep under his doors and through the windows. A fire truck drove by and rescue workers yelled to the man, “Come on, you can’t stay here!””No,” he said to them, “God will take care of me!”

Soon the water was waist-high, the streets turned to rivers. A Coast Guard boat came past the man’s house. The crew yelled out to him, “Swim out and come on board!” “No,” the man yelled back. “God will take care of me.”

The rain kept pouring down until the man’s entire house was flooded. Then a helicopter flew over his house and the pilot spotted the man praying on his roof. Lowering the ladder, the pilot got on the loudspeaker, “You down there, grab hold of the ladder and we’ll take you to safety.” Again, the man proclaimed his conviction, “God will take care of me.”

Finally, the man drowned. At the pearly gates of heaven, the man had never felt more betrayed. “My God,” he said, “I put my faith in you and prayed to you for my rescue. You told me you would always take care of me, yet when I needed you most, you were not there.”

“What do you mean?” replied God, “I sent a fire truck, a boat and a helicopter, what more do you want?”

Where in your business are you waiting for the Universe to send you a bigger boat?

Are you looking for a more obvious signal? Are you discounting your ideas, thinking they should be bigger, more clever, more perfect, or, worst of all, more “normal?”

What opportunities are whizzing by you, when your gut is saying, “I want this,” or “I need this,” but your head is finding evidence that you need to keep waiting for God, or someone else, or some magical circumstance, to rescue you? What are you really waiting for? Action without full understanding is the key to the result you desire.

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