I am finally, as of 2 months ago, a subscriber to Seth Godin’s blog.  I resisted subscribing because I thought with all my studies, I have a handle on being authentic in life.  Well, I must say, I have gotten some new thoughts from reading him, and also some reinforcement for how I already view life.  I am realizing that we can never underestimate the value of finding our “tribe” and being around like-minded people, especially when we feel as if we are out on the skinny branches in life.  So, thank you Seth.

With that, I want to share the post of Seth’s that has inspired me to gradually share pieces of my e-book here.  It is him questioning whether being rational is always a good idea, which is one of the things I do in my ebook, which is and has been the freebie on my website for awhile.  I am in the process of creating a new, irresistible freebie, yet I love the 7 Keys contained in the old one, so I will drip them out here for your enjoyment! 🙂  (If you want them all, now, you can receive the ebook by subscribing to my ezine.)

Here are my 7 Keys to New Freedom and Clarity (that might surprise you):

1. Do Nothing
2. Be Irrational
3. Be Irresponsible
4. Have Poor Judgment
5. Be Insignificant
6. Do it Badly
7. Rewrite the Rules

These may surprise you or sound uninspiring, however, they are really designed to stir things up for those of us who have a tendency to constantly strive to have more, do more, and be more, and in our striving we fail to be in the present moment, or to be true to our selves.

When you are a type-A overachiever, it is easy to feel obligated to use your “skills” to “get ahead” in life because you can, with little regard to whether you want to or not.  In fact, you’ve likely been praised for your ability to make things happen so often that you 1) take your talents for granted and 2) can’t remember what was important to you before you started following what other people praised you for.

The keys are designed to challenge some of your assumptions about life that are likely keeping you thinking in the same way.  When your thinking changes, your way of being changes, and your experience of life shifts, resulting in a new freedom – to be yourself, and be clear about who that is.  Over the next few posts, we will interrogate who you are being in life (not what you are doing)!  The realm of being is much more powerful than doing.  The 7 Keys will focus on your thoughts, opinions, beliefs and judgments, which are at the core of your experience of being (feeling) unfulfilled, anxious, or stuck.  In order to raise your awareness and shift you to a new way of thinking, it is critical to flip your current way of thinking on its head and consider other approaches.  In order for life to occur differently, you must think differently, period.

Even though we are going interrogate your current REALITY, we are NOT going to interrogate YOU.  You are whole, complete, and perfect as is.  In fact, you are phenomenal, and powerful beyond measure.  Your true self is an absolute gift. Peace of mind and freedom come when you recognize and become willing to express the gift that you are, the Keys are about allowing that to occur.

Here’s to new rules, new ways of thinking, new blog posts, and new tribes!  Stay tuned for more about “Do Nothing” as a key to freedom! 🙂

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