This article is for the person who likes to wait to take action until they know they’ll have a big result, have it perfect, or at least won’t fail.

It’s also for those who take an action one time, and if they don’t get the result they imagined, they stop.

First, no judgment.

I’ve been there. For most of my life, I only did things that I was pretty sure I was naturally good at and would be likely to get a positive result. “Wasting” time was my nemesis, and anything without immediate gratification was a waste of time.

Then I found my passion and my mission. All of a sudden this quote had meaning:

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly the first time.” -Unknown

Thankfully I learned to do things without knowing the result (my mission is greater than the fear of failure). And thankfully I also was brave enough to do something a second time even when the first was a failure. (My first teleclass had 2 people registered. My first 2 programs had 0 sales).

No Magic Bullet

People think, when they see a business that appears successful, that it became successful overnight via magic formula. It’s just our tendency. I do it too… I forget that how I came to be where I am was simply one small, deliberate action after another, while remaining “open to miracles” and ready to step into opportunities for leaps.

This article isn’t about the miracles, though they happened. Clients magnetized toward me after I made a big decision, non-linear growth in revenue, walking through fear into investment opportunities… these things happened.

But they would not have gotten traction were it not for the slow and steady action and systems I created over time that have given my business a structure, a voice, and point of view.

Don’t Wait on Miracles

I frequently see entrepreneurs saying, “I know I need a newsletter, but…”

Every now and then that person really doesn’t need a newsletter, but 9 times out of 10, they do, and they aren’t taking the action because they don’t believe it will make a difference. They want to see the results in advance. IT WON’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE THE FIRST DAY! But it will make a difference over time.

Here are 7 “slow and steady” actions you can consider implementing to add up to big results. I recommend choosing 2 that you are not doing and implement them today.

  1. Regular Client Connection via a Newsletter. Sure, everyone’s got one. Sure email is less effective than it used to be. Sure it’s work for you. But there is no better, easier way to be known over time for your unique point of view then regular email communication. Some people won’t want your newsletter. People don’t stay on lists they aren’t interested in any more, and they will unsubscribe. So what? “Your people” will be fascinated by what you have to say, and you will make a difference for them. And you’ll be there in the moment they decide it is time to take action.
  2. Create a Strategic Freebie. Again, sure everyone has a “free gift” and this strategy is highly tapped. Guess why? Because it works! Your people want to get to know you, and you need to give them more than your website to do so. And, I don’t care how many free gifts there are on the web, if you get creative with your title and peak my curiosity, I will subscribe, and then I’ll give you 1-2 emails to get my attention.
  3. Regular Networking. Go where your ideal client is, regularly (twice weekly is a nice structure), and be intentional about connecting with people. I usually intend to meet 4 ideal connections per event, and at least on client. Don’t try to meet everybody. Systematize your follow-up (pre-write the emails you will send).
  4. Regular Speaking. Get on Linked-In or Meetup and look for events that feature speakers. Figure out how they got to be a speaker, and go do that. REGULAR speaking as a slow and steady strategy looks like 1-3 gigs a month (choose your target number and do not stop until you meet it).
  5. Partnership Calls. Connect with someone else who serves your ideal client regularly (I do at least 1/week). Get on the phone and ask that person what they most need. Look to support them in their growth. They will naturally do the same for you. If in doubt, offer to interview them for a teleclass and ask them to interview you. It is great practice, and you will each build your list!
  6. Teleclasses or Webinars. Create your own content-driven teleclass or webinar regularly (I suggest monthly) for a slow and steady list-building and client activation tool. If you have no program or product to offer on your call, offer your 1-on-1 time to the first 5 people who email you. Generating 5 hot, engaged leads per month? Heck yes.
  7. Social Media. I list this last for a reason – most people are not intentional with their social media. (And I personally haven’t chosen to master it yet). It is a great slow and steady strategy if used appropriately. Deliberately and regularly connect via social media with influencers and others who serve your target, and people with whom you just energetically align. Connect and share opportunities of yours and others. Regularly (but not constantly) offer opportunities that will bring people onto your list. Target a specific length of time each day. Don’t stray from your intention. If you want to watch random videos, etc., great! Just set aside additional time for that.

Remember, when you’re taking this slow and steady action, big results will still occur, often from another direction.

“When Riches begin to come they come so quickly and in such
great abundance that one wonders where they have been
hiding during all those lean years….”

– Napoleon Hill

With no action, no result.

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